What are the functions of mobile solar generators

Just like permanently installed solar panels, portable solar generators also make use of the sun’s energy and generate electricity from it. The solar generators currently available on the market all work in this way. It is irrelevant whether it is an intelligent solar box, balcony power plant or agricultural solar module.


1. The basic principle of the solar generator

The components of solar generators are manageable, because they only consist of batteries and solar modules.

  • With the help of the solar collectors, sunlight is converted into voltage,
  • which in turn is stored in the connected batteries for solar panels.
  • This energy can be used in many ways, for example as emergency power.
  • Solar generators are often used to power entire power grids, which means the power is used immediately. It is therefore important that a solar energy connection device is always connected together with a battery or other absorbing energy source in order to be able to use the sunlight.


2. What are solar backup generators?

If you want to protect yourself against power outages, a solar backup device is a suitable solution. These devices usually have a high wattage capacity to ensure energy storage for a certain bridging time. Backup generators are designed for extreme situations, such as power outages caused by hail, and supply all important devices in the house.

Another plus point: You do not require a complete system installation. Most also have multiple choices of outlets.

Solar backup generators work silently and are environmentally friendly in operation, without releasing carbon dioxide. However, they are still difficult to transport at the moment and are relatively expensive.


3. Mobile solar generators

A portable solar generator like the Renogy solar generator offers a solution for using the advantages of renewable energies on the go. Although the wattage is lower, it can easily power smaller household appliances or PCs for several hours. In addition to the small solar panels, they can often be charged using a car adapter or a socket.


4. How does a mobile solar generator work?

The set usually consists of solar modules, solar batteries, a charging inverter, a charge controller and the battery charger. After converting the sunlight into energy, multiple batteries can be charged, which can then be flexibly used for power consumption by various devices. The solar generator is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor fans. Nature photographers who want to power their devices far away from civilization.

The supplied inverter ensures that the low direct current in the batteries is converted into alternating current. This is the only way to ensure that AC devices in the house can be supplied with electricity. Incidentally, most power generators on the market have a built-in circuit breaker to prevent the devices from drawing too much energy and overheating.


5. Advantages of Portable Solar Power Generators

Solar generators are very environmentally friendly because they get their energy from sunlight alone. Therefore, they have no negative impact on the environment.

Solar generators are relatively inexpensive. What’s more, using solar generators will save you money and quickly recoup the initial cost by no longer worrying about an unpayable utility bill.

Solar generators are perfect for outdoor activities. If you like to be in nature, far away from the nearest socket, you can still easily recharge all your devices.

Solar generators are to be seen as a long-term investment. Electricity prices are increasing every year and resources are becoming scarcer. The power supply itself is also not always guaranteed. Free yourself from the dependency on the grid and produce your own solar power.

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Solar generators are easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe the panels regularly.


6. Conclusion

If you like to be in nature or even want to live independently and secluded, you are doing a lot right by using solar generators as an alternative, environmentally friendly and inexpensive power source. They offer a number of advantages over gas or diesel generators, not least of which are the complete avoidance of harmful CO₂ emissions. Added to this is their quiet operation, the negligible maintenance effort and their low weight and thus easy transport. You only have to make compromises when it comes to performance, here the gas and diesel generators have the edge. Once charged you can be sure that you have an emergency power supply and you are no longer dependent on the mains. You can also rely on the performance of the mobile solar generators when you are out and about, if there is enough light available.

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