What career path to choose to work as a programmer?

Although there is no programming career, university degrees are aimed at people passionate about web development and computer science. In the following article, we gather some of them.

Programmers are one of the professional profiles. But what do you have to study to become a programmer? There are numerous possibilities, but if what you are looking for is to have a university degree, these proposals are the most appropriate.

Computer Engineering

It offers training in basic subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics and technological matters such as Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, and various levels of programming. This degree not only focuses on software development but presents a wide range of knowledge for developing computer science in any field. Thus, a computer science professional can work on web pages, programs, cell phones, video game applications, perform systems maintenance, etc.

Electronic Engineering

It is focused on the study and application of physics to process, transmit and receive data and conceive new equipment and subsystems. This combines science and technology to analyze and design electronic devices, circuits, and systems. Programming is a compulsory subject in the degree curriculum, focusing on developing systems that introduce improvements in industrial processes and electronic systems in different fields.

Computer Engineering

It is one of the programming careers with greater specialization in different areas: hardware design, software, communication systems, architectures, computers, etc. It is a discipline that incorporates the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance software and hardware components of computer systems. Engineers in this specialty are engaged in researching, designing, developing, or testing computers or computer equipment for commercial, industrial, military or scientific use and supervising their manufacture and installation. They also work in developing computer systems to interact with the environment, such as robots or portable systems, so they specialize in various programming languages. 

While studying, you’ll certainly need to prepare different projects and assignments. There will be many new things for you to learn and practice, but not all of them can be known by or performed by a novice in programming. It’s not a big deal, though, as there’s a programming help service such as WowAssignment, where you can get your homework done by an expert.

Software Engineering

They have in-depth knowledge of computer programming, implementing and planning computer systems, and software life cycle phases. A degree in Software Engineering involves training in programming to develop, design, maintain and evaluate any computer software. Some of the professional opportunities of this university degree are: systems designer or integrator, software systems consultant, specialist in solutions, security and innovation of Information and Communication Technologies, web designer, software architect, and designer or Information Systems developer, among others.


Programming requires a lot of knowledge. A professional must know the most specific details of his occupation to do the work in the best possible way and accomplish excellent results. Every programmer, deep down, will be proud of how much they have learned and how much more they’ll learn in their career path.

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