What is Ciri in the Witcher? Everything About Cirilla Explained

CDPR has released new gameplay footage for The Witcher, and the video shows off Cirilla, the Mother Superior of Count Olaf’s evil organization. You probably know about her already. She is the antagonist who terrorizes protagonist Geralt in The Witcher games. But what you might not know is that she isn’t the only person connected to Olaf who’s looking to destroy him. While she is a villain, many would say she’s actually a victim of circumstance — being forced into an unenviable position where she must rely on people she barely knows to keep herself and her son safe. Ciri (pronounced CHEE-ree) is what she calls herself in the game: a witcher, a monster hunter who specializes in fighting supernatural threats with her bare hands. You can read more about Ciri and her origins in our detailed character guide. You can also learn everything there is to know about Geralt and his love interest Ciri so you don’t get scared by the monsters roaming around White Orchard alone at night!

What is a witcher?

A witcher is a human who practices the mundane and macabre arts of monster hunting. A witcher is a person who specializes in hunting monsters, both internal and external, in order to obtain their ingredients for potions and other magical items. Witchers are often part-time or full-time mages who use various types of magic to track down and kill monsters. They may also be members of a special breed of warriors, the templars, who serve as warriors, mages and enforcers. Witchers are also known as monster hunters and are often depicted as rugged, outdoorsy types with long, flowing (but still clean and organized) hair and beard. The word “witcher” comes from the Old Norse word “witik” which means “tent,” “saddle,” or “bag.” The term’s modern usage, then, refers to a person who hunts monsters in a tent. Because of their “rough and ready” nature and reliance on their own wits to survive, witchers are often considered anti-social. They prefer to be left alone, and will often refuse to discuss their work, which can make them seem inaccessible.

What is a monster hunter?

A monster hunter is a person who studies animals, especially those with legs and feet, in an attempt to gain insight into their biology and understand their capabilities. Typically a monster hunter will work with a biological team of scientists, who may use remote cameras to track animals in the field, or conduct in-the-field studies using live animals and their own body organs. Monster hunters may also use computers to track animals’ movements and habits, or employ specialized software that can “listen” to animals and pick up their sounds. Because there’s so much at stake, and the danger to both the monster hunter and the animals they’re trying to save is so great, monster hunting is a highly specialized field with wide ranging specialties and expertise.

How Geralt and Ciri meet in The Witcher

Ciri is a young girl living in the middle of nowhere near the border of the Vengeran Empire and the Nilfgaardian Empire. She’s half-elven and is being sold as a slave by her parents to a noble in the neighboring country. After being saved by Geralt of Rivia, a renowned monster hunter and hero of the Federation of Provinces, Ciri falls in love with Geralt and helps him fight the monsters that are terrorizing the countryside.

How to play Ciri in the Witcher

Your character can be a male or female, and you can play as either a human or a half-breed. As a warrior, Geralt is armed with a sword and shield, while Ciri wears a powered-up version of the clothes worn by nuns and other women. When in the field, Geralt can use his sword to fight monsters or cast magic to weaken or kill them. Ciri, meanwhile, uses a shield to defend against enemy attacks and a different type of magic to attack and weaken monsters.

Where to find Ciri in the Witcher

You can find Ciri in the very first installment, The Witcher, after defeating the legendary dragon Brennivin. You can also find her in the third and final game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is set to release next year.

Is Ciri playable in the Witcher 3?

Ciri will only appear in the main storyline of the third game in the Witcher series. Geralt meets her during his travels, and has a one-on-one encounter with her at the end of the first game. She also makes an appearance in the bonus chapter “The Long Road Home.”

Is Geralt dating or hooking up with Ciri in the Witcher 3?

Ciri is engaged to be married to Rostek, the captain of the imperial guard. During the events of the third game, Rostek is killed while on duty, and Ciri mourns his loss. However, she also becomes attracted to Yennefer, the witcher who trained her as a witcher. When Geralt’s time has come to wed, he proposes to Ciri and they are married at the end of the third game.

Lock-picking and hidden passages for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Lock picking is a highly specialized skill that can be used to pick pockets, break into safes and other secured locations, and more. Known as a librarius in Latin, the profession of lock picker is highly specialized. A librarius will usually be hired by industries that require highly specialized personnel, like banks and , to pick locks. One of the most unique aspects of the lock picking profession is the “hiding passages” that are used when lock picking in the wild, without a guard or master lock picker on hand. Hiding passages are concealed doors and walls that are sewn into the clothes, skin and other body parts of a single person. A skilled lock picker can navigate a hidden passage for hours or days without coming into contact with any other human.


Ciri is the main antagonist in The Witcher, the main character of the series. She was once a free woman but was kidnapped, enslaved and forced into being a monster hunter after her parents were killed by monsters. Ciri is a capable and brave character who, even in the face of great danger, always manages to persevere and do what she has to do. You can follow her journey in the game on her own page, where she talks about her origin and her past. You can also follow her and her quest on Facebook and Twitter, where she is often pictured hugging trees and asking for help.

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