What is Decentraland?

Today, the bitcoin era has established itself as an advance and upgraded technology all around the world. The present generation is now experiencing a whole new virtual world, where each sector is working on a digital platform. So is the crypto industry, we are very well aware of the famous digital asset, Bitcoin which is a form of cryptocurrency, and its tremendous applications in the global era. Cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized digital asset that works under blockchain technology and holds a highly volatile market capitalization. Investors believe crypto to be the future of investment. Other such aspects such as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are also succeeding in the digital era, benefitting young artists from all around the world. 

The bitcoin era has developed numerous advanced elements such as dividends, exchanges, wallets, DeFi, and more. Decentraland is another phenomenal software that has emerged in the crypto industry. 


Decentraland is a decentralized software that runs on the Ethereum network. The software works as a virtual world platform where one can buy and sell lands online. Here, users can develop their own micro-worlds with aircraft, trees, etc. To understand it better, decentraland can be compared to virtual reality video games but is more realistic and immersive. The software has ownership of assets and is worked under the functioning blockchain platform. From rapid transport systems to skyscrapers and movie theatres, the platform has it all. The advanced program works to achieve an incentivized global network of operating users in order to share the virtual world. 

The platform can be used to trade digital real estate in a hassle-free manner. One can explore more and even communicate with players from all around the globe. With this, the platform is also working on further updates that will offer interactive apps, in-world payments, and peer-to-peer interaction facilities to its customers. 


  • LAND – It is a non-fungible token (NFTs) that is used to determine the license of land plots and also represent the online real estate properties. 
  • MANA – This allows LAND purchases along with other goods and services that are used on the platform. Participants owning MANA can vote on the policy updates, land auctions, and subsidies for new developments that are launched by the software. The platform also uses smart contracts based on blockchain in order to function these changes. 

The software gained immense popularity after the boost of “metaverse” by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The corporate name shifts from “Facebook” to meta-allowed users to know more about metaverse, resulting in the popularity of decentraland. 


The software utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to track the ownership of the land made digitally. Further MANA token is required within the Ethereum wallet in order to operate functions in the decentraland ecosystem. Another impressive thing about this rising technology is, creators are free to design and innovate their properties through animation and interactions. 


Several layer components are developed using Ethereum based smart contracts. These layers regulate the ledger by tracking the ownership of land plots. Each parcel of LAND consists of a distinctive coordinate, including an owner and a reference to the description file that depicts the plot content. 

The content layer includes multiple files that are required to render the LAND parcel –

  • Script files – they define the placement and behavior of the content being referred
  • Content files- consist of all reference’s static audio and visuals 
  • Interaction – allows peer-to-peer communication through voice chat, messages, and gestures. 

Social interactions are offered by the real-time layer through user-avatars, voice chats, and messaging among the developers in virtual real estate. 


The software has also developed a marketplace where users can access the drag-and-drop editor to build scenes online. Allowing them to manage and exchange LAND tokens, the platform can be used to transact and transfer plots and items such as wearables and unique names. Here, the transactions are performed within the Ethereum wallets and are verified by the Ethereum network itself. 

Through decentraland builder tools, users can curate a unique experience within the plot. One can develop interactive scenes and can access customizable libraries and payment methods through editing tools. Also, you can visit to create your free trading account.

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