What is the Best Way to Trade Derivatives in India?

Got a knack for exploring financial markets? You might want to explore derivatives trading, too, for its lucrative advantages. Futures and options are two popular derivatives that can be traded on eligible financial assets in India. Like all trading nowadays, the best way to trade derivatives is online!

Here you have two choices- You can either choose a futures and option trading web platform or go for a futures and option trading app. What’s more? You can use them both! Here we talk about the best way to trade derivatives. 

What is the Best Way to Trade Derivatives?

There are two ways to trade derivatives in India- traditional or offline trading and online trading. If you choose the traditional way, you can end up losing profitable trading opportunities in communicating with the broker as derivatives prices are highly time-sensitive. Traditional trading also involves more overhead costs, a lack of convenience, and the absence of advanced tools. 

On the other hand, online trading provides you with the convenience of buying and selling derivative contracts from anywhere in a few clicks. You will need a trading account for F&O trading. Once you have that set up with an online trading platform, you are good to go. To help you understand it better, here are a few reasons why you should go online for trading derivatives.

Easy Buy/Sell

Online trading platforms provide easy and convenient access to the markets, allowing traders to place trades from anywhere at any time. This is especially useful for derivatives trading, which can be complex and time-sensitive. 

Real-Time Market Scan

While offline trading relies on brokers for market scanning, online trading allows traders access to constantly updating real-time data including current prices and volumes of financial assets, thus helping them keep track of the market for more data-oriented trading and more chances of profit. 

Access to Advanced Tools

Online trading allows you access to advanced features that offline trading does not enjoy. You can filter the search for your next derivative trade with useful indicators like volume, price gains, and performance available only through option trading web platform. You can choose the contract that best suits your market outlook and financial goals using futures and option (F&O) chains. You can also uncover in-depth information about derivative contracts of your choice using TradingView. 

Well-known trading platforms like Dhan provide seamless trading from F&O chains and TradingView without the need for multiple screens.


Online trading platforms often have lower costs than traditional brokerages, as they have lower overhead costs. This allows traders to trade derivatives at a lower cost, which can be beneficial for individual traders and those that trade frequently or in high volumes.

You can do everything mentioned above and more on the futures and option trading app. Dhan provides a full-fledged app loaded with all the features you need to trade options smartly and profitably from the convenience of your mobile screen.


Whether you are a seasoned trader or a new one, you will agree that online is the best way to trade derivatives. It makes your trading experience much smoother and helps you select contracts with return-generating potential. Dhan provides a dedicated futures and option trading web platform as well as an option trading app so you can trade derivatives the best way!


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