The simplest notation MMORPG stands for Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, and MMO stands for Massive Multi-player Online. In this article, Kevuru Games will answer your questions.

For some people, such designations and their meaning may seem the same, but in reality this is not so, since there are certain differences between them. Since MMORPGs are MMOs, not all MMOs can be MMORPGs. An RPG is a game in which the player will take on the role of a character and act in a virtual or fictional setting. Even if you have to constantly take on such a role in an MMO, some cannot be considered an MMORPG, this applies, first of all, to Audition.

Audition is an MMO, here you need to present yourself as an avatar. The task is to compete with other characters in dance competitions, it is necessary to get the title of the best dancer. In the course of the game, you get a reward in the form of currency, for which you need to buy clothes, do hairstyles for an avatar. Despite the fact that Audition cannot be considered an MMORPG, since in reality the gameplay is not carried out in the invented setting. The goal is to make the atmosphere of the real world environment.

An example of an MMORPG games in development is World of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard. The player’s task in this case is to come up with a strategy, as well as find the optimal time to conquer new territories. You can also take part in battles with other members in a group, work together and destroy enemies. You can fight with each other, for this there is a player versus player arena. This can be attributed to an MMORPG for the reason that you take on not only the role of a fictional character, but also act in a country based on fantasy.

Regardless of the type of MMO, chats or another system of communication with each other are provided so that you can exchange information with other participants in the process. If the game cannot communicate with other users, it cannot be considered an MMO. In this case, the social aspect plays a crucial role.

At the moment, there are more MMO genres than just RPGs. Some of the simulations, such as Sims Online, as well as strategies in which you need to act in real time – Sparta: War of Empires or Warcraft, you can also include Puzzle Pirates puzzles and many other games.

There are major differences among themselves and in the layout of the MMORPG. Some of them, such as Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War, need to start the game right away in a fantasy world – a fantasy land. And in others, where the Grand Chase can be attributed, the actions begin to unfold from the world map, the player needs to join a room where there are four other users. But the distinguishing feature of Grand Chase is that it is not easy to classify as an MMORPG or MMO. This is due to the fact that the gameplay takes place in real life. Others believe that the place is fictional, the action takes place in a fantasy land. If the state is invented by the developers, it can be argued that the game belongs to the MMORPG.

There are also games that are very difficult to categorize as MMO or MMORPG. But usually, the main games from these categories are both.

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