What is UI UX Design and What is the Difference Between UI and UX

At the moment, the terms UI and UX are present on many design resources. Some designers confuse them and use them as a whole, but in reality this is not the case.

When using concepts, you can confuse the interlocutor. Therefore, it is necessary to finally deal with them. Our UI UX design agency will tell you what are the differences between them, and also why they need to be able to distinguish them, especially for employers and designers.

What is UX or design experience?

UX is user experience. It is required so that the visitor who enters the site feels comfortable and convenient, nothing annoys him here.

A good specialist must be able to make the product so that the user is comfortable using it, it brings them benefit. The goal of a UX specialist is to make sure that the visitor quickly gets what he needs from the resource or product. The master is required to have analytical skills. To improve the user experience, some features are provided:

• user profiling is the study of information about him, his gender, age, country of residence, interests, etc .;

• it is required to perform work to improve the existing or to form the structure of the product;

• research of how the user behaves in order to understand how long it will take to find the “Buy” button and for what reasons a potential buyer leaves the site without reaching the goal;

• understanding what actions need to be performed to make it convenient for the consumer to use, even if the signal is weak;

• use notifications in such a way that they are helpful, not annoying;

• work with information will allow you to understand how much content is needed on the first page, what needs to be placed, the number of words per line for ease of reading.

UX design is about convenience for the visitor. Have you ever wondered why people walk on well-trodden paths when there are paved paths nearby? This is because it makes it easier for them to take a shortcut. The designer needs to pay attention to this.

What is UI?

UI is intended to make it convenient for the visitor to use the program or website. The specialists working with it focus on the appearance of the interface. Their goal is to create a beautiful appearance for the product.

You can draw a parallel between UX and science, because here numbers and accurate analytics matter, that UI is with art, since a specialist must focus on the beauty of each element.

What work should UI designers do:

• you need to understand how to position the buttons, choose the color, style of the text, and also determine the reaction when you hover the cursor so that the visitor does not get annoyed;

• graphic support is the selection of illustrations, in which a graphic designer takes an active part;

• it is required to make the site so that it is accessible through a mobile phone, tablet, errors are displayed, the elements are displayed correctly.

You can go back to the same path, the designer must decide how to make it beautiful so that the walk is not only comfortable, but also pleasant.

Why did they come up with the differences between UI and UX?

Technologies have emerged relatively recently, just a few decades ago no one was looking for the schedule of transport, but they would find out information at the station. In the old days, almost everything was a designer’s job. He had to understand image processing programs, be able to draw. And if he knows how to make up, it’s generally super.

But over time, digital products have become more sophisticated. At first, sites appeared where there is a transport schedule, then they began to add various functions here for the convenience of visitors. At each stage, you need to delve deeper.

It was understood that it would be better for a company to hire two specialists, each of whom will be a professional in his field. Users are no longer tempted by promotions and cashbacks, but choose what they need, what is pleasant to use. As the trend shows, this will not change in the future. Therefore, they no longer hire just a designer who knows everything a little bit, but they are looking for narrow-profile specialists, each of whom is deeply versed in his topic.

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