What should Enterprises know about the Biggest Goof-ups in Email Marketing?


Email marketing is an essential Ecommerce tool for business. Most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) heavily depend on email marketing for ensuring regular business from regular and new clients. SMEs find email marketing beneficial as it serves as a platform to increase sales by authentically promoting their products. However, while businesses intend to create a functional relationship with their customers, it occasionally goes overboard. Here are the biggest goof-ups to avoid when using email marketing services.

Excluding a CTA

Writing a brilliant email is pretty useful. But what do you expect your audience to do after reading about everything you have pitched to them? Do you want them to learn more about your product, or maybe view the catalogue before they buy? It is unsafe to assume that the customers will know what to do when you exclude the CTA.

A CTA should always be present and inserted appropriately in every marketing email. Good CTAs are:

  • Bright and thoughtful.
  • Persuasive.
  • Grabs the customer’s attention.

Emails that look shady

Internet users tend to proceed with the utmost caution, especially with websites, links, and emails unfamiliar to them. Unless proven to be legit, they may do the same for your enterprise as well. Marketing emails look shady when:

  • They are not presented properly, or they look too shabby.
  • They land in the spam section.
  • Terrible design.
  • Typos.

A good way to end up in the ‘Primary’ section is to avoid these little mistakes, pay attention to the finer details and keep the email as professional as possible.

Goofing up the template tags

Goofing up the template tag is a big no-no today. This code is essential to automatically attaching the recipient’s first name to the email they are about to receive. Enterprises miss out on this essential detail, and it can go a long way in giving the emails the personalization they require. For example, the error may look like this: “Thanks for being a member! < /span>” instead of “Thanks for being a member, Susan!”. A little code can make all the difference in being saved or trashed!

Terrible subject lines

The first step to successful email marketing is getting prospective customers to open the email. That is an impossible feat if the subject line is terrible, i.e., too long or poorly written. Depending on the audience you are catering to, you may experiment with including emojis in the subject line or keep it straightforward and to the point.

Not optimizing the email

Customers prefer to check their emails and respond to them on the go. Moreover, they do so from various devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc., that can be used remotely, just about anywhere. Therefore, enterprises should consider optimizing their emails to be device-friendly so that the customer devotes a few minutes of their time to check it out. Taking help from a quality email marketing agency is highly recommended here to optimize the emails. 

Another major goof-up enterprises make is not enabling ‘dark mode’. As a result, many users activate dark mode in their device settings, only to find that the email they have just opened is bright and flashy. This factor is an instant turn-off, and customers may unsubscribe to you or delete the email right away.

Bad timing

One of the biggest goof-ups in email marketing is sending emails at bad timings. This scenario commonly happens when the brand hires someone to send these marketing emails manually. However, enterprises can ensure to send marketing content at favourable times with the best drip campaign emails and extensive research about their clients’ habits. Sending automated emails with drip campaigns offer these benefits:

  • It increases user engagement.
  • By creating valuable content, customers become loyal to the brand.
  • It assists in strengthening business relationships with existing customers.
  • It significantly boosts sales and increases revenues in the long term.

Cold one-way conversations

Enterprises that disable the ‘reply’ feature to their marketing emails prefer a one-way conversation with prospective and existing customers. However, this approach is a major goof-up as no customer will want to associate themselves with a brand that does not care about listening to their opinions.

Enterprises need to take a personal approach when conversing with their customers. Personalized emails with an available email address to reply to are a good way to let your customers know that you can talk with them if they need assistance.


Enterprises that goof up on marketing emails usually end up in the recipients’ spam boxes unless they have already trashed or, worse, unsubscribed to them. While there are many such ways to goof up, these are the most common methods. Enterprises should consider double-checking their emails before hitting send. By keeping the email professional and personalized, they will undoubtedly gain the loyalty of their customers.


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