Who Can Book USA to India Flights?

Ever since the global coronavirus pandemic struck us, lives have taken a 360-degree turn. Adjusting every day to the “new normal” with restrictions and regulations that often come in a way of one’s day-to-day life. 

The new normal certainly has a lot of travel restrictions in places considering the safety of the nation but this has caused a major hindrance to Indians stuck in a different part of the world. 

Ever since India closed its national borders in March 2020, a lot of residents of India found it hard to get back to the country. 

To make sure everyone reaches back, the Government arranged flights and hotels for smooth transport and isolation to ensure they do not carry the virus with them. This comes with its own set of rules and mandates. 

For instance, despite flights going back and forth from the USA to India, there are still many people in the States who are yet to get back to their country. 

Ever since then there have been travel restrictions for leisure travel and the boundaries stay closed. It has become difficult to find a cheap flights to India and anyone who is to travel back has to pay for both transportation and accommodation. 

If you are someone in the USA looking to travel back to India it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations to get back to the country. Those are as follows: 

Who Can Book USA to India Flights?

Stranded Indian nationals. 

There are a lot of professionals and students who are stuck in the USA. If you are an Indian with an Indian passport who is stranded in the USA you can travel back to India. You can book a flight directly or through reputed travel agents and make arrangements for a safe flight. 

Foreigners Issues Indian VISA 

If you are a foreigner or a diplomat with a valid visa issued by an Indian Mission in any of the below categories covered under the guidelines given by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Foreign businessmen who hold business visas while coming to India in a chartered flight 

Healthcare Personnel 

If you are a foreign healthcare personnel, engineer, health researcher, or technician who works at Indian health sector facilities that include laboratories and factories. You can be invited back to the country with an invitation from a recognized and registered healthcare facility registered pharmaceutical company, or accredited University in India.


If you are a managerial, design, or any other specialist who is traveling to India on behalf of foreign business entities located in India, you can visit India during the pandemic. 

Apart from this if you are a technical specialist or an engineer traveling for installation, repair, and maintenance of foreign-origin machinery and equipment facilities in India, you can visit the country at the invitation of a registered Indian business entity. 

Where to Book the Tickets

Though the normalcy of travel has not been restored one can still book the air tickets directly from the airline. You can also book your tickets through reputed travel agents from the US. Flying to India has now become very easy and convenient as well because of airlines taking special care to ensure every stranded Indian is returned back home. 

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