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Who is Melissa Roxburgh? How Much is Melissa Roxburgh Net Worth?

While she was in school, Roxburgh developed an interest in social justice issues and went on to travel with her family to countries such as Guatemala, Albania, and Africa. Now, she serves as the GenR Leader of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which provides assistance to victims of extreme humanitarian crises. Roxburgh studied communications at Simon Fraser University and originally wanted to be a journalist. She is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.


The Manifest of Melissa Roxburgh is a psychological thriller that follows the fate of three passengers on board a wildly turbulent flight. The passengers were relieved when the flight landed safely, but the world seemed to have aged five years in the span of a few hours. Though many of the passengers had given up on hope after the tragedy, the returned passengers discover a deeper mystery. But is Manifest really worth the risk?

Despite the fact that Manifest has been canceled by NBC, fans are trying to save it. Roxburgh, who plays the lead character Michaela Stone, has thanked her fans for their support. She is 26 years old and has already starred in several memorable roles in television and movies. The actress also has a devoted following on Twitter. Here are a few things to know about the Manifest of Melissa Roxburgh.

Her father and mother are both pastors

While the title “pastor” sounds important, it is not a prestigious one. Her father and mother are both pastors, and this makes their appointment even more important. Both of them are ordained higher than priests and pastors, so it is important for their child to listen to them more than anyone else. In fact, the word “pastor” is abbreviated as “Pr,” “Ptr,” and “Ps.”

She grew up with a love of tennis

Michele Walton grew up in Los Angeles and idolized her father and the legendary players. Unfortunately, her asthma was uncontrolled and asthma medication didn’t help her play tennis. In her later years, she turned to acting and theater, and her father was a passenger on the plane where she met Jimmy Connors. As a result, Michele developed a love of tennis, despite not being particularly athletic.

She is a dual citizen

The actress is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her parents, a British pastor and a Canadian tennis player, have lived in Canada for most of her life. Her father is also a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. She grew up in a loving family and has traveled extensively. She is the second oldest of four siblings and has two older sisters and a younger brother.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Melissa Roxburgh has performed in a variety of films, including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. She has also starred in the Star Trek series, Ensign Syl, and the film The Marine 4: Moving Target. Her Instagram account boasts over 50 thousand followers. Roxburgh has been dating American actor Andrew Jenkins since 2013.

She is in a relationship with JR Rameriz

It has been revealed that actress Melissa Roxburgh is in a relationship. The two have been dating for almost a year and a half. They recently came out about their relationship in mid-2020. Although the two are very secretive about their relationship, they have developed a strong bond. The pair have been seen attending red carpet events together. But we have to admit that the couple is not married yet, so there is no evidence to prove that Roxburgh and Rameriz are dating.

Final Words:

The couple met on the set of Lost Solace in 2017. In 2017, the couple became dating. The two shared pictures of themselves and each other on Instagram. One picture featured them in a bathing suit. Melissa’s fans were overjoyed with the romantic post. She continued to post photos of her boyfriend on Instagram with sweet captions. However, rumors of a new relationship between the two soon began to surface, as the actress’s fans began to speculate about the relationship.


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