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Who is Meyers Leonard’s Elle Bielfeldt Wife?

As the wife of NBA player Meyers Leonard, Elle Bielfeldt has a lot to be proud of. Born in Peoria, Illinois, she played basketball in high school and went on to attend Notre Dame in Peoria, Illinois. She has three siblings and has earned over a thousand points in her basketball career. Her husband has a hefty salary of $10,595,506 per year, which is a big number for a woman.

Rest of Season

Despite being out of action for the rest of the season, Meyers is still building up a huge following. His first streaming sessions in college earned him over 69,000 Twitch followers and 550,000 social media fans. As a result of the controversy surrounding his recent racist remarks, the Heat have not publicly responded to the situation. However, the two are reportedly still dating.

University of Oregon

Meyers Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt met at the University of Oregon when Meyers was a freshman and Elle was a cheerleader. They became friends and started dating in the summer of 2012. They started dating and were engaged in the summer of 2012. The couple then got engaged in 2014 and married in Oregon on August 2, 2015. They are now parents of a child together. And they are the proud parents of two daughters.

Famous NBA Player

While Meyers Leonard is a famous NBA player, Elle is an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has a social media profile. She is the CEO of Level Foods, a company that deals with health and nutrition. She has a blog about health and fitness, runs a nutritional program, and also hosts a podcast with her husband. The couple has been together for two years, and they share the same birthday.

Co-Founder of Level Foods

As the co-founder of Level Foods and the Meyers Leonard Brand, Elle Bielfeldt has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her husband is a basketball player and co-owner of Level Foods. As the wife of an NBA player, she has a hefty social media following. It’s easy to see why Elle has a huge social media following, and fans of both of their husbands seem to be incredibly happy.

Professional Basketball Player

As the wife of a professional basketball player, Elle Bielfeldt has made a name for herself in the world of sports. As a top 20 recruit in the NBA draft, she also played for the Miami Heat before getting traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In 2010, the two met through mutual friends and began dating. In 2014, they were engaged. They were married in Oregon on August 2, 2015.

As the wife of a Miami Heat basketball player, Elle Bielfeldt is an accomplished athlete. She is an avid swimmer, who became engaged in 2012 and married Meyers Leonard in May 2014. In addition to tennis, she has a healthy lifestyle. In addition to her role as a spin mentor, she is an active entrepreneur. She co-founded the wellness food company Level in 2015, which she named after her husband.

Two Daughters Together

Meyers Leonard’s wife, Elle Bielfeldt, is a successful entrepreneur. Her husband, Meyers, a professional basketball player, is also a good friend of hers. They met in college, and she later became a celebrity. After the wedding, she moved to Portland with Meyers and their children. In the meantime, she became a mother, and they are raising two daughters together.

Among the most famous people in Meyers’ life, Elle Bielfeldt is also a well-known actress. She is married to a professional basketball player, Meyers Leonard. She is the co-founder of the Level Foods brand and has a social media presence. In 2015, she married Meyers, and the couple’s social media accounts boast over 69,000 followers.

Final Words:

She has a healthy and active lifestyle. She shares her passion for basketball with her husband. She is a fan of the NBA, and she and her husband have a net worth of $50 million. Her ‘healthy-living’ attitude makes her a great role model for women. She shares her healthy eating tips on her YouTube channel. Their marriage is also known for their many children.


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