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Who is Rhenzy Feliz in Encanto?

If you have ever wanted to know who Rhenzy Feliz was in a Disney film, you’ve come to the right place. This American actor has starred in Encanto as Camilo Madrigal. You may also recognize him as Alex Wilder from Marvel’s Runaways. Read on to find out more about his career and origins. We will be covering everything from his Dominican roots to her acting in Disney movies.

American actor

Aside from her role in Disney’s Encanto, Rhenzy Feliz has also appeared in several television shows. She has played the character Camilo Madrigal in Disney’s Encanto, and she has also played the role of Alex Wilder in Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu. We’ll discuss her roles and what you should look for in her future.

American actor Rhenzy Feliz plays the role of Camilo Madrigal, the middle son of Pepa and Felix. The character has a shape-shifting gift and lacks self-awareness. Rhenzy Feliz, 24, gives the character his unique voice. He has starred in other films such as ‘Teen Wolf’ and “Runaways.”

Musical theater

The role of Antonio is a part of his career that has earned him quite a bit of money. Rhenzy has a background in musical theater, so he had to train to hone his voice for his role as Bruno. His character also sings a song in Encanto and explains the experience in the film. She also shares her experiences at the red carpet premiere of Encanto.

Voice-over artist

American actor Rhenzy Feliz has appeared in a number of films, including Disney’s Encanto and Marvel’s Runaways. Most recently, she portrayed Camilo Madrigal in the Disney animated feature Encanto. Feliz also starred as Alex Wilder in Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu. She currently has a busy schedule, but she has time for two projects.

As the middle son of Pepa and Felix, Camilo Madrigal has a gift that allows him to shape-shift. Rhenzy Feliz provides the voice for this character, who is 15 years old. Feliz’s previous credits include recurring roles on TV shows such as Casual and Teen Wolf, and a role in the upcoming George Clooney film The Tender Bar. Feliz also plays the role of Antonio, Pepa and Felix’s teenage son who has the power to speak to animals.

Character of Dolores

Adassa, a reggaeton singer, voices the character of Dolores. Previously, she’s worked with Pitbull, Missy Elliot, and Daddy Yankee. Feliz began her acting career with the hit Disney Channel show Casual. She has since gone on to appear in Teen Wolf, American Horror Stories, and even landed a lead role in Marvel’s Runaways. She also has a major role in George Clooney’s film The Tender Bar.

Los Angeles native

Born on June 30, 1993, Rhenzy Feliz is an American actor and singer. She began her career in theatre at an early age, competing in the August Wilson Monologue Competition. By her third grade, she had attended eight different schools. She later attended Santa Monica High School. Her first acting role was in the comedy-drama series Casual, which premiered in October 2015. In that show, she starred as Spencer. Feliz has appeared in ten episodes.

Feliz grew up in The Bronx, New York. Despite her Latino heritage, she is an American. Born to a single mother, Feliz attended eight different elementary schools before her big screen debut. She was then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Feliz went on to make several guest appearances in popular films, including ‘Casual’, ‘The Perfect Strangers’, and ‘Marvel’s Runaways.’

Dominican ancestry

Singer-songwriter Rhenzy Feliz was born in the Bronx and raised in Florida. His mother, who was just 21 years old at the time, didn’t like living in the cold climate in New York City. She wished to raise her son in a warm environment and wanted to live in a warmer state. The family moved around a lot and ended up in several different locations before settling in Florida.


Despite her American nationality, Feliz’s ancestry comes from the Dominican Republic. She was raised by a Native American family, which was Dominican. Consequently, she owes her recognizable look to her Dominican heritage. She stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs around 62 kilograms. Her eyes and hair are dark brown. She is currently dating Isabella Gomez.


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