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Who is Ryan Garcia Wife? Everything You Need To Know

The Ryan Garcia Wife of superstar Ryan Garcia has been making headlines lately and for good reason. She’s the mother of six and has a net worth of more than $300 million. Amongst her many accomplishments, she has also been a successful actress. Her acting career includes shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Most Popular Instagram Users

Drea Celina is one of the most popular Instagram users. She is not only an influencer but also a fashion and beauty expert. Her Instagram account has over 181K followers.

December of Year

Drea’s relationship with Ryan Garcia Wife is relatively new. The two started dating in 2019. They welcomed their daughter Rylie in March 2019. This was followed by Bela, born in December of that year.

Relationship Private

They have kept their relationship private. She rarely posts pictures of herself with her boyfriend. However, there is a good reason for that.

After she caught him kissing his partner, Malu Trevejo, Drea was furious. She described him as a ‘terrible human’. And she even went so far as to call him a ‘piece of s***.’

Ryan Garcia & Social Media Star

The relationship between boxer Ryan Garcia Wife and social media star Malu Trevejo has been under scrutiny since they were spotted kissing in public. The pair has also been involved in multiple controversies.

Private Moment

Both of them were out with friends when they were filmed in a private moment. They spent ten minutes outside flirting. After the incident, their social media numbers plummeted.

Ryan Garcia and Malu Trevejo have been in a tumultuous relationship ever since. It began when the duo met on Malu’s 18th birthday in Los Angeles. Since then, they have been in and out of the headlines. Their most recent rift was when a video surfaced of the two kissing.

Although both parties have remained adamant that they are not dating, the relationship between the two has been rocky. The situation was further complicated by Ryan’s announcement that he was having another child with Drea Celina.

Henry and Lisa

Ryan Garcia is an American boxer. He was born in Victorville, California on August 8, 1998. His parents are Henry and Lisa.

As a boxer, he has made an impact on the world of sports. He was recently named one of the world’s top ten active lightweights. The 24-year-old has also ascended to the ranks of the super featherweights.

WBC Interim Lightweight Title

One of his notable accomplishments is his WBC interim lightweight title. It was awarded to him when he defeated Avery Sparrow.

As a young man, Garcia grew up in a Latin community. He has a close relationship with his parents. They are supportive of his professional and amateur career.

Recipient of Several Coaches

In addition to his father, Ryan is the recipient of several coaches and a caregiver. He trains under Eddy Reynoso.

Ryan Garcia is a famous boxer and celebrity in the United States. He is also one of the highest ranked young prospects in the world. His record is 22-0-0, 18 KOs.

The American boxer started his amateur career at the age of seven. He competed in different competitions and won many national gold medals.

Oscar De La Hoya

After completing his training, he became a professional boxer. He has signed with Golden Boy Promotions, the organization that promotes Oscar De La Hoya.

Ryan Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be at around $3 million. The superstar sportsman has a large house in California. In addition, he owns a number of expensive cars. One of his most impressive purchases was a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS.

In July 2022, Ryan Garcia had a super lightweight fight against Francisco Fortuna in California. In this match, he knocked the opponent down three times.

Golden Boy Promotions

Known as “The Flash” in the boxing world, Ryan Garcia is a highly successful American professional boxer. At only 24 years old, he has already earned a total of 21 victories and has been ranked as the third best lightweight boxer by the WBC.

As a professional boxer, he is a part of the Golden Boy Promotions. His contract is for five years. In addition to his boxing career, he also has a clothing line and a restaurant.

Final Words:

After his most recent fight, his net worth grew to $10 million. He is considered to be one of the most popular boxers in the world. Aside from his boxing achievements, he has also become a social media superstar.

Ryan Garcia is a role model for young people. The 24-year-old has two children, Rylie and Bela. They live in California. Their mother is a personal administration assistant.

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