Who is the IT infrastructure manager?

The IT infrastructure manager is the foundation of the team, its backbone.

This specialist is also known by other names, namely an Information technology architect (IT-architect) or a Technical systems manager.

Now not one advanced company that aspires to great heights can do without this person in the team. Why is he so important? What is he doing? Why is his work considered the basis of success? This article is designed to answer all these questions!

Let’s start with the fact that this is a relatively new specialty. Representatives began to appear only more than ten years ago. To be more precise, around 2008.

One of the attractive features of this particular position is the high salary, since the IT infrastructure manager belongs to the caste of top managers.

To fill the ranks of these specialists, a person will have to constantly learn. Since the IT field is constantly evolving and more and more new things are appearing, this explains why one of the essential points of becoming this manager is the willingness to improve skills and the absence of fear of the endless scooping of knowledge (especially if there is a brazen desire to move up the career ladder).

So who is he? What are his responsibilities?

IT infrastructure manager is a specialist who is an expert in technology management as well as provisioning.  He even plays the role of a strategist.  Think over a plan on how to increase competitiveness?  It is easy! Or maybe plan what to do in case of an emergency? No question, it will be done.

When it comes to creating new projects, it is the IT-architect who is the first to be counted on for experience and support.

In order to more specifically understand who the IT infrastructure manager is, it is necessary to figure out what the IT infrastructure itself is.

As you know, the term infrastructure is understood as a certain complex of systems and structures interconnected and performing a providing function.

IT infrastructure includes such components as equipment of various types (roughly speaking, the physical component), data centers, servers, etc.

We have just begun to clarify this issue, and you already realize that your company cannot do without this specialist? Infrastructure Management Services is waiting for you to help!

Returning to the topic of an IT architect, the next step in getting to know this specialist is to study in which areas he can apply his skills and the areas in the company where he can apply himself are quite diverse.

  1. Stuff

There are three staff divisions:

  • networking (the IT infrastructure manager when it comes to networking needs to manage a team and have a good relationship with the equipment, especially the one that handles the routing. By the way, if the company is a fairly large right hand of the manager, there should be a team of several people (but in general, even one person can do) who will deal with IT security)
  • servers (the IT architect must understand this internal environment, which includes technologies and a team of specialists. Server technologies include operating system, backup and disaster recovery)
  • physical cabling (we can say that this is the main responsibility of an IT infrastructure manager to understand cables, since a lot depends on them, for example, data transfer speed)
  1. Suppliers

An IT-architect must be brilliant at negotiating, maintaining relationships, establishing agreements, and being responsible for contracts. So to say, IT infrastructure managers are the bridge between the company itself and an important link, that is, external suppliers

  1. Systematization of the workflow

IT infrastructure is a complex mechanism.  This can only be brought under control with an improved workflow model.  In essence, the manager’s role is to create a scenario where “rules” or standards, so to speak, will be established to create a coherent and interconnected work.

  1. Clear strategy

As mentioned above, IT architects are brilliant strategists. They need to know what the company’s goals are, how to beat the competition, and what to add and what to take away. One of the important features of an IT infrastructure manager is to be a resourceful and savvy person. This will greatly help the company become truly competitive and break into the tops.  It would seem how much depends simply on the set of character traits of one manager!

  1. Reports

Another important responsibility of IT architects is to keep reports on the state of the infrastructure itself, that is, in fact, there should also be an excellent monitoring system.

Congratulations, now you are familiar with these specialists!  If you want to learn more about a lot of interesting things about this topic and make your company the most powerful in comparison with competitors, then I is already waiting for you!

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