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Who is Tony Bertolotti? | Brittany Murphy Was Killed By Her Husband

Tony Bertolotti was a famous British actress who died suddenly at the age of 41. The cause of her death was pneumonia, anaemia, and drug intoxication. Her mother and father were determined to find out the truth about her death. Although her family is not convinced that she was the victim of an accident, there are other reasons to suspect that she was killed.

Brittany Murphy Passed Away 13 Years Ago

Despite the fact that Brittany Murphy passed away 13 years ago, her brother Tony Bertolotti still hopes to find answers to the questions surrounding her death. Throughout his investigation, he has discovered that there are at least three people who control the Clueless star’s estate.

Initially, the investigation began with the coroner’s office. They determined that the actress died of pneumonia. But later it was revealed that she also suffered from iron deficiency. This was based on the results of an independent test.

Prescription Pills in Brittany’s System

Then, the coroner discovered that there were prescription pills in Brittany’s system. And in addition to her anemia, she had heavy metals in her system, which could be a sign of poisoning.

Favorite Celebrity’s Nefarious

During his twilight years, Tony Bertolotti discovered a few of his favorite celebrity’s nefarious deeds. He claims that a couple of the ladies in the know are in charge of Brittany Murphy’s $10 million fortune. It’s a pity that this nefarious activity was not prevented.

In the spirit of transparency, Bertolotti released the report he commissioned from a private laboratory. While the report does not offer up much in the way of concrete answers, it does give us a glimpse at how the former Golden Girl might have died. A gastrointestinal endoscopy revealed an upper esophageal web. The aforementioned gaff might explain the tummy ache that preceded her untimely demise.

Foxy Wife of Brittany Murphy

The foxy wife of Brittany Murphy was not the only person on the loose in the Beverly Hills mansion. Besides her husband, she was also in the presence of her mother, who allegedly took the credit for the more pious responsibilities. On the night of Brittany’s untimely demise, the family was feted by some shady visitors, including Simon Monjack, who likewise reportedly died from pneumonia in a span of a few hours. So, the sexiest lady on the block may have been a trifle more difficult to please than a kilowatt of a battery. Thankfully, the ensuing hors d’oeuvre was not a harried mess as was the case in a less pampered era.

She was Found Dead by her Mother

Brittany Murphy was born on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of Sharon Kathleen Murphy, who is a tabloid editor. At the time of her death, Brittany’s mother was one of three people in control of her estate.

According to a coroner’s report, the young woman’s death was due to pneumonia. The pneumonia was made worse by anemia. Also, prescription drug abuse was a factor.

Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles County coroner concluded that the girl’s death was an accident. However, Bertolotti believes the death was not natural. He has been looking for answers for thirteen years. It seems the truth may never be discovered.

Her Death was Connected to her Money

One of Brittany Murphy’s brothers believes that her death was a case of fraud. He claims that there were a few other people in charge of her $10 million estate.

According to Bertolotti, he’s not in the financial position to investigate. His mother has never revealed where the money went, or who controls her half-sister’s estate. The star’s estate is held in a private trust. But he’s not entirely convinced that she didn’t die from anaemia.


Brittany Murphy was found dead on the floor of her bathroom. Her mother was there, and her father brought her to the shower to try to revive her. However, the coroner determined that her death was caused by pneumonia. It was also noted that she had a number of prescription drugs in her system.

Final Words:

It would be safe to assume that Brittany Murphy’s half-brother Tony Bertolotti has been investigating her untimely demise. What he’s been discovering is a lot more exciting than a typical murder trial. While the official cause of death was still a mystery, prescription drugs were found in the star’s system during the postmortem. The best part is that he’s not the only one on the case. He’s also been able to snag some of the key players in the game. Indeed, the name of the man of honor, Simon Monjack, has been on the lips of many a mortal over the last few months.

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