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Why You Should Plan Your Birthday Party At Escape Rooms?

Getting ready for your birthday or the birthday of someone you care about? Click here to find out why an escape room birthday party is the best idea.

Heard of the escape rooms? Well, there are an array of adventure game for small groups that will test how smart you are. You and your team must work together to figure out clues, solve problems, and get out of a locked room in less than an hour. This fun, interactive puzzle game is great for many different situations. You can easily find players on a business trip, a team-building activity, or even a first date. It’s a great thing to do at birthday parties, too. Do you want to have a great birthday? Read on to find out why to plan the birthday party at escape room?

Let’s face it: birthday parties are expensive. You have to buy a cake, order gifts, and pay for food and drinks. That doesn’t even include how much it costs to book an event or plan an activity.

Think about the price of the things you do at birthday parties. Costs can quickly add up for sports games, live shows, and group dinners. It’s not strange that the average birthday party for a child costs more than $400. But planning a fun birthday party doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A birthday party at an escape room is less expensive than going somewhere else. You only have to worry about the cost of getting in. On average, tickets are cheap and cost between $25 and $30 per person.  The way prices are set should let you spend more on gifts, food, or extra things to do.

  • A Time to Grow Closer

A birthday party at an escape room is a great way for people to work together as a team. Escape rooms are a great way for families and coworkers to get to know each other outside of birthday parties. Because of the game, no one can figure out the mystery independently.How to win? The answer is proper bonding and great team work. You can get closer to the people on your team as you work together to achieve the goal of escape.

  • Find My Secret Talents

During the puzzle-solving, you might also learn about your friends’ talents that you didn’t know about before. Some people may be very smart and be able to solve riddles. Similarly, some people may be good at math but don’t know it. You can grow to like and respect your fellow soldiers with these new skills. It can be made both during and after the escape party.

  • Something Dissimilar

Bored with the same parties and want something unique? Look no farther than a party featuring an escape room. The Japanese were the first to popularise escape games, but they have only lately appeared in the United States. Popular video games influenced the escape room trend. These games allow the player to experience first-person video game challenges.

Within a few short years, escape parties went from obscurity to popularity. They are gaining popularity at an accelerated rate. No one desires an uninteresting birthday celebration. Many members of your group will be playing this game for the first time, as escape rooms are still a relatively new concept. This game provides a novel form of enjoyment. Never a dull moment occurs in an escape room. This action-packed activity will leave you out of breath and satisfied.

  • Rewarding

You have 60 minutes to leave your room. These sixty minutes are jam-packed with challenges and stressful scenarios. However, when the clock strikes zero, you will feel a sense of success. You and your team can experience a shared understanding of success. True, escape rooms can be difficult. However, you need not be concerned about escaping the room. Over time, the space will make more sense. Additionally, three recommendations will help you get back on course for success. These suggestions should help you achieve success.

Escape Room Party: Let’s Give It A Go!

Are you ready to have a party in an escape room? This one-of-a-kind experience will spice up your birthday, and everyone who was there will remember it for years to come. So, start thinking like Sherlock. Watson, you’re up! Now you’re ready for the best thing ever. No matter where ever you are from, escape rooms are for everyone. There are an array of rooms starting from seattle escape rooms to las vegas escape rooms. Have a look at all of them and choose the one that suits this year’s birthday theme. Best of luck!


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