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Winter Wardrobe Essentials: A Quick Guide

When winter is just weeks away, it’s time for many to take stock and prepare for the cold. The last few years have shown that the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable, which means that you should be prepared for all weather, including extreme weather events. As this guide will show, you can also look stylish in practical clod-weather clothing. Read on to learn which of the key wardrobe items you shouldn’t do without as the coldest months of the year roll closer into view. 


Without a doubt, the more annoying item of clothing to get wrong in the wintertime is the shoe. If you’re not wearing weather-appropriate shoes, you can quickly find yourself falling foul of a puddle, an icy patch, or a pile of slush on the side of the road. This can lead not only to freezing, soggy feet but genuinely dangerous falls in the event of a slip on ice. 

To prepare for these unpleasant conditions, it’s important that you invest in some high-quality, dependable footwear. Prepare for the ice on the sidewalk with slip resistant shoes for women, and ensure that you avoid the soggy foot where possible by investing in some shoes that have a large, deep sole – helping you to stand a little higher above the water and snow beneath your feet. 

Thermal Underclothes 

In cold temperatures, it’s often the case that we simply wrap ourselves up like an onion in as many layers as possible. The problem with this approach is that many layers of clothing can be cumbersome to remove and put on and can be simply too much when you head inside to a heated room. Layers are a smart winter idea, but choosing your layers wisely matters. 

That’s why thermal underclothing is such a good idea for the winter. Because it’s designed to be a lightweight layer that sits close to your skin, it’s something that you can wear with minimal overclothes, thus helping you remain stylish, with more clothing options and fewer layers of clothes, throughout the coldest months of the year. 

Multipurpose Coat

The coat is the king of the winter clothing repertoire. It’s always there, come rain or shine, so that you can keep away from the elements. An umbrella can quickly be turned into a mess of wire and nylon if the wind is strong, but a wind-proof and water-proof coat will keep you dry and cosy even in the most unpleasant of conditions. Investing in a high-quality coat this winter is an investment you will not regret making. 

Still, it’s worth putting some thought into your coat choice. Ensure the color and style is neutral and timeless so that you can wear it year after year. Also, ensure that it’s been reviewed highly by existing customers so that you know that it truly is a coat that you can rely on when the weather turns foul, and you’re in need of that little bit of extra, reliable protection. 

These tips will help you look stylish and stay warm and dry in the cold, wet months ahead. 


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