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6 Remarkable Franck Muller Watch Collections

The watch industry is definitely a competitive one, because of all the creative innovation each watchmaker has. Many popular watch brands make sure to always bring something new to the market for everyone to see and consider purchasing. One of the prestigious brands that is relevant today is Franck Muller, which is one that you should not overlook. Their watches are well-known for their “contemporary” design, influenced by American watches from the 1930s and classic Swiss watchmaking.

Franck chose to dedicate his career to the creation of exceedingly intricate watches and began working on watches that would become outstanding world debuts in his workshop. In 1991, he met Vartan Sirmakes, who pushed him to convert low-volume manufacture into the respected brand and company that Franck Muller has become today. With remarkable collections like, the Casablanca, Cintree Curvex, Vanguard, Heart to Heart, Conquistador Grand Prix, Conquistador, and Long Island watches. Continue reading this article to find out what this watch brand has to offer. 

1. Long Island

The whole Long Island series is a tribute to New York’s neighboring island, Long Island. This collection pays homage to Art Deco in a unique way. With the use of its Arabic numerals, Franck Muller has effectively established a new category of design. Watchmaking, architecture, history, and modernism all come together in the Long Island watch collection.

2. Casablanca

You can see the many enthralling qualities of the current century in the Frank Muller Casablanca watches, which are a perfect representation of consistent grace. The dials are available in either black, bronze, or white for the Frank Muller Casablanca watch series. It is only via the use of these unique numbers that we may recognize absolute perceptibility. Its dials, which include a variety of colors, serve as a time capsule for the beautiful marriage of design and color.

3. Cintrée Curvex

In terms of design, Franck Muller’s Cintrée CurvexTM is unmistakable. Its tonneau design and Arabic numbers have enchanted both men and women with the Cintree Curvex collection. This timepiece set is instantly recognizable because of its beautiful numeral design. Franck Muller is immensely proud of all of its watches, with their exquisite casings, brilliant displays, and highly-complex mechanics. Elegant and ageless, this collection is a perfect example of vivid and refined design.

4. Vanguard

The Vanguard series is all about sleek and cutting-edge design. It comprises a scaffold that has been turned into a knock to offer the watch a one-of-a-kind appearance. You will be mesmerized by the watch’s construction and its lively Tourbillon case and pattern fingers, which make a stunning impression. The exclusive Franck Muller line housed under the Vanguard brand now includes timepieces for both sexes.

5. Heart to Heart

It is time for a new Franck Muller Heart to Heart collection that perfectly captures femininity. A standout among excellent Swiss timepieces is the Franck Muller Heart to Heart. Collection of women’s timepieces showcasing female radiance. There are a lot of unique designs in this series. Boldly feminine, the Heart Collection exudes beauty, elegance, and style to the fullest extent.

6. Conquistador Grand Prix

Luxury sports timepieces from Franck Muller’s Conquistador Grand Prix series defy convention. They released this watch collection in 2010 to coincide with the growing popularity of these high-end timepieces. People regarded the collection as the most gorgeous, spectacular beast in the collection. The new Conquistador Grand Prix, meantime, is a pleasure for the eyes of those who are enraged. This Franck Muller watch is one of the most beautifully crafted you will ever see.

Most Sought After Long Island Watches

1. Long Island Tourbillon – 1200 T

Franck Muller made the Long Island Tourbillon 1200 T of white gold and featured a leather strap. This watch has a manual winding movement. The lower half of the watch contains an opening that reveals the one-minute tourbillon carriage engraved with the FM logo. The watch has an 18K white gold Franck Muller bracelet and case and an octagonal-shaped curved display back fastened by four screws.

3. Long Island Grand Date Automatic

Although they based this watch on the Empire State Building, it also has a nod to Miami Beach’s neon strip, thanks to its dramatic vertical and horizontal stretches! Upon closer study, this Long Island Grand Date appears to break with Art Deco tradition. This watch is a delicate timepiece that follows the natural curvature of the wrist and rests comfortably on the wrist despite its modern case proportions.

3. Long Island 952QZ5N

This gold watch is in like-new condition. The deep blue alligator strap and 18-karat white gold pin buckle are in perfect condition. When it comes to movement, Franck Muller does not skimp. The automated mechanical caliber is no less attentive than the rest of the watch.


Watches made by Franck Muller are among the best and most complex in the world. You would not want to miss out on owning one of the pieces mentioned above, or even other Franck Muller timepieces. You can even make them a good investment, so visit to check them out now!


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