A Guide to Building Thoma in Genshin Impact

The Thoma is an all-around support character that can deal heavy damage and cast Pyro application. He has the ability to heal himself and other characters. He can also use the fire element to create blazing barriers to protect himself. He has four banners: Hu Tao, Sayu, and Nobless Oblige. These are all recommended for supporting a build as they offer additional support and are top-tier carry options.


The first thing you need to do when building Thoma is to buy a Staff of Homa. If you have a Pyro character, this is the best one for you. It gives you a shield and makes you more powerful, but it can also be broken if you don’t stack it properly. However, if you want to play as a pure DPS character, you can use the Staff of Homa instead of the Fire Aura. If you want to do damage, use it on a tank, and then stack the Staff of the Homa. You can use it on any Pyro character, but the Staff of the Hellhound is recommended for pure DPS characters.

In the game Genshin Impact, Thoma is a support character that can help the other characters in the game. He is a native of the City of Freedom Mondstadt and later moved to the nation of Inazuma. He has a large network of associates in Inazuma, and he has a particularly close relationship with the young heads of the Kamisato Clan. There is no doubt that Thoma can help the Inazumas, and his friends will greatly appreciate that.

The third character is the Traveler. The legendary Traveler used the vision to help a Resistance sect. The God of Eternity Baal is the main antagonist in the story. He has a lot of enemies, but the Traveler helps the Inazumas overcome this barrier by defeating the god of evil. You can find Christian Banas or Masakazu Morita in both series. The Voice of Thoma is an excellent choice for this character in the series.

Thoma is one of the supporting characters in Genshin Impact. A native of Mondstadt, he moved to the nation of Inazuma and became a Chief Retainer of the Kamisato Clan. There, he built up an impressive network of associates, including a number of the young heads. They also developed a close relationship with the Traveler, which helped him win the war.

Though the name “Thoma” does not indicate his real name, the Kamisato Clan has officially named Thoma as their “housekeeper” and she is responsible for all the household chores. Inazuma’s leader, Furuta, praises her for her housekeeping abilities. Inazuma’s citizens are grateful for the help and assistance of the Inazuma, and they are able to enjoy the benefits of the peace.

Unlike other characters in the series, the Inazumans do not recognize Thoma as their own. As a result, they refer to him as a “helper” in the game. As a result, she does not give any personal favors to anyone, and is often occupied with her work at the Yashiro Commission. While this makes him a great asset, Thoma is an entirely different character in the series.

Thoma is a powerful Pyro and a strong support. He can also shield, which can be useful if he can reach a group of opponents. But be careful to keep in mind that his shield is easily broken if it is not stacked correctly. Therefore, it’s important to have a squatter to assist him with his tasks. A good DPS character will make the most of the Staff of Homa.

The main goal of Thoma is to help the other Inazumans with their tasks. Inazumans refer to him as a “helper” and believe that the role of a support character is crucial for their success. They know that the main DPS unit will be more effective when they have both, but they need to coordinate their approach and make sure they do not clash with each other. This is not always possible, so the Inazumans will have to choose another support unit.

Aside from boosting your DPS, Thoma has a powerful shield. It is the second-best weapon in the game. It also increases the DMG and HP of other players. The Staff of Homa is the best weapon for this character. Despite being a powerful spellcaster, it is very important to invest in a high-quality shield for maximum protection. So, be sure to invest in the Wavebreaker’s Fin or The Catch.

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