Annoying Neighbors Are A Pain: Here Is What You Can Do As A Renter

Whether you live in a 2 bhk flat on rent in pune or an even bigger rental in Bangalore, the city or the size of the house doesn’t really matter when it comes to annoying neighbors. If you’ve lived on a street with homes lined up in a row, standing shoulder to shoulder, you have probably seen bad neighbors. Some make it difficult to sleep at night, others can’t control their pets, and some even drunk-walk in the neighborhood and terrorize your children.

But how do you identify a bad neighbor? Well, a bad neighbor is someone who lives next to you (or on the same floor) and causes problems by being annoying. Even though they aren’t doing anything illegal, it’s possible that your neighbor is making it difficult for you to live at home.

What can you do about bad neighbors?

The level of irritation caused by your neighbor should determine the course of action you take. Sometimes, it is best to accept the situation and learn to be indifferent. In rare cases, it might make sense to take legal actions against the neighbor.

A war of words with a neighbor could lead to dangerous consequences that can cause you to lose your nerves and possibly even worsen your health. You should always try to reach out to your neighbor with a friendly approach, and only resort to extreme measures if that doesn’t work.

What are the different types of bad neighbors?

Some examples of annoying neighbor’s would be: Children who aren’t well behaved and scream all day; parents who don’t pay attention to their children; drivers who ignore parking rules; pet owners who neglect their animals; overly friendly people who will tell you their story every time they meet; and chronic borrowers. And then there are also neighbors who keep making noise regardless of the time of the day. There are also neighbours that engage in theft, molestation and other such criminal activities. Here is some advice on how to deal with all these kinds of annoying neighbors—

Possible solutions

  • Meet them and introduce yourself

If your neighbors are annoying you, this is what you should do first. It might be as simple as introducing yourself to your neighbors and letting them know what you are struggling with. People are more likely to be respectful and ashamed of doing wrong to those whom they know. There is also a small chance that your neighbors don’t know you are annoyed. Telling them will resolve the problem permanently.

  • Do not accuse, tell them how it makes you feel

It is a common mistake to accuse your neighbors from the beginning. It’s better to tell your neighbor you are annoyed and bothered, while keeping the conversation polite and friendly. Find out what is causing your neighbor’s behavior problems and offer to help if you can.

  • Mirror the behavior of your neighbor

Mirroring the behavior of your neighbor is a popular psychological trick that can help them see their faults and stop doing things that bother you. This will also help you to get along with your neighbors, but only if you do it to solve the problem, and not to seek revenge.

  • Use mediators

The world is so diverse that people have different relationships. Some people easily get along with their neighbors, while others struggle to understand their feelings and concerns. If you are in the second category, it is a good idea to seek out a mediator who can help both sides. Ask your landlord if mediation is possible if you are a tenant. There are different types of rental properties in Pune. There are properties where you will find multiple single rooms on rent inside one campus. So, if you are living in one of those single rooms on rent in pune, chances are you have difficulty adjusting with your neighbors. In such a case, your quality of stay and overall comfort should be your landlord’s concern, as you are the one who sends checks to your then each month.

  • Move to another neighborhood

Sometimes, it’s the best option to move to a different neighborhood. This is especially true for those who have tried everything to resolve the problem but failed. It can be dangerous to live with a nasty neighbor. You should report any suspicions that the neighbor next to you is involved in illegal activities or is a psycho who might pose a danger to your health and get out of your current residence as soon as possible.

  • Final thoughts

Sometimes neighbors can be a real problem. It is possible for neighbors to be the reason behind your relocating to a new neighborhood. Nonetheless, conflicts can be resolved by negotiation, not war. Talk to your neighbors and tell them what is bothering you. Then, propose a solution. If a friendly approach fails or you suspect that your neighbor is bothering you on purpose, it is best to inform the authorities.

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