Find Accounts Linked to Someone’s Email

Figuring out all the accounts linked to someone’s email address can be an easy way to check out their online presence. However, this process can be difficult if you aren’t quite sure where to start or how to narrow down the accounts that belong to a certain email address. 

Our article will help you out by outlining the best search methods for discovering accounts that are all linked to someone’s email address.

Why Search for Accounts Linked to an Email?

Sometimes, you have someone’s email address and want to know what other social media or work-related websites they are on. You may even be trying to figure out all of the accounts that are linked to your own email in order to narrow down your online presence and determine how far your email has made it across the web. 

Because many social media websites and other accounts request email addresses for creation, using a known email address is a great way to narrow down this information.

You should keep in mind, however, that the email address you have for an individual might not be the same one they use for their social media accounts. Many people do use different email addresses for online account creation versus their everyday email needs; if you aren’t receiving the search results you are expecting, this may be why.

The Best Way to Find Accounts Linked to Someone’s Email

Below, we outline the best ways to find accounts linked to someone’s email address. Make sure to utilize all of the search methods before so you can receive the best, most accurate results.

Password Managers

Password managers that are built into browsers, such as the popular Google password manager can keep track of all of the passwords and emails that are saved for your online accounts. This is especially helpful if you are searching for all of the accounts linked to your own email or to a close individual’s email, such as a friend, family member, or partner. 

Simply access the password manager, type the email into the search bar, and then review all of the accounts that your Google browser has saved connected to that specific email. You can try multiple emails via this search tool and make a note of all of the accounts and connected passwords.

Email Search Tools

Email search tools are a great way to narrow down accounts linked to someone’s email that you might not be as familiar with. Use an email lookup tool, like the one on, to figure out someone’s email and the accounts associated with that email; this is done by inputting the name and location of the individual in question into the search bar. 

Once the search results return, you will be able to review all of the email addresses associated with that individual, any social media accounts connected to that address, and other websites that might be connected to their email.

This is one of the best ways to easily track someone’s online presence or figure out information about someone’s social media accounts without asking them directly or spending lots of time searching the web.

Make sure you keep in mind that any information you find using the email search tool about an individual and their accounts cannot be used to harass or stalk the person in question; this is illegal and can land you in a lot of trouble.

Social Media and Internet Searches

If you already have an individual’s email and want to see which accounts it’s linked to, another easy method is typing the email into a web browser, such as Google, and seeing what appears. This method can lead you to work websites and other social media accounts that publicly list the person in question’s email.

Search social media by typing the email into the search bar of the specific website, or by following up your Google search with the social media website you wish to search. The first page of results will typically be the most accurate.

Figuring Out the Account Information You Need

Trying to determine the many online accounts that you or someone else are registered with is an overwhelming task. However, it’s important to narrow down this information if you want to be sure of your own, or someone else’s, online presence. 

Using the search methods we outline above, you can easily figure out all of the accounts linked to someone’s email (or those that are linked to your own email) for peace of mind and to understand where on the internet the email in question is being used.

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