FurAffinity – The Largest Furry Fan Community on the Web

In a world where furry fandom is fast-growing and people are increasingly interested in their favorite cartoon characters, online communities like FurAffinity can offer some of the best content for furry fans. These sites are primarily for people who want to express themselves through art, while also being supportive of small businesses. As a result, they’ve been hosting strenuous discussions on cub pornography, staff appointments, banner content, and more.


The main focus of FurAffinity is art, music, and stories, and it’s the largest furry fan community on the web. Founded in 2005 by Alkora, this community was originally intended as a free, artistic outlet for people who want to express themselves through their art. As its name suggests, the community focuses on the promotion of various art and music, as well as stories and novels. As a result, many members of the site are also artists, writers, and musicians, and they’re encouraged to post their own art as well.

Although it’s easy to find new artists on FurAffinity, the community is quite diverse. You can follow artists on the site and pathway their latest updates. You can also create your own account and upload your own works of art. It is recommended that you join the commentary organization and the human being journal to participate in discussions and help others. As the community grows, so too does the number of submissions. Currently, it’s one of the largest on the web and continues to grow.

The site hosts conventions for artists and fans. The biggest convention, FurAffinity United!, took place in Newark, New Jersey, in August 2007 and attracted 310 attendees. Twenty-five artists wore fursuits at the event. The following year, FA United! was held in Boston, Massachusetts and had a record attendance of 707. During this year’s annual gathering, the site’s popularity grew even more and drew a large number of members from all over the world.

The first FurAffinity convention took place in Newark, New Jersey, on 13 September. It attracted about 300 attendees and featured a parade of 25 fursuiters. Then, in 2008, FA United! held its second convention in Newark, with 465 attendees. In 2009, FA United! was cancelled due to the economic downturn. Nevertheless, the website’s growth has been impressive and continues to attract more people to its community.

The company’s latest launch, the FurAffinity Gallery folders, is an essential feature of this online community. It allows you to organize and share your collections of art, music, and stories. Users have been raving about the folders since 2006, but they’re still not happy with the way this system works. As a result, the site’s gallery features are limited, and the interface can be confusing. However, there are several ways to organize your galleries.

The site’s mascot was created by K-9, based on a concept created by Preyfar. It was originally called “ferrox” and was designed to look like a dragon. In April 2007, the site’s mascot appeared as a female dragon, which was a great source of amusement. Later, the mascot’s name was changed to Rednef, which is a backwards version of Fender.

One of the most popular features of FurAffinity is its mascot. The mascot is a female dragon, and its name is derived from a character concept created by Preyfar. On April Fool’s Day 2007, the mascot was rendered as a dragon, and the name Rednef is the female version of the word “Fender”. This mascot has a name of rednef, which is the same as the name of the creator of the site.

Another popular furry website is, where people can connect and communicate with fellow furries. This site contains forums, but be wary of NSFW content. It is a good place to buy artwork, though. If you’re looking for other art, furry fandom has plenty of venues to choose from. Just make sure you read all of the forum rules before posting! You can even buy art or create your own.

The company recently made changes to its Terms of Service, including the recruitment of moderators. This move was made in response to complaints about a disgusting zoophile. The site is filled with a lot of people who are just lusting for animals and posing real threats to other members. If the site’s moderators aren’t up to the job, it will become very difficult for the site to moderate the comments.

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