Norstrat: History, Objectives, and Many More

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was formed with the intention of assisting customers with an underlying commercial objective as well as a legal duty to carry out elements in the Canadian Northern Strategy. NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated provides on-site consulting services across Canada as well as in the United States to government and military sites.

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An introduction to Norstrat

History of Norstrat

Founder of Norstrat

Objectives of Norstrat

Norstrat Provides Partners Special Training:

Competitors of Norstrat


Introduction to Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting frequently consults the Canadian Armed Forces on complex national security issues. In accordance in line with Canadian Northern Strategy, NORSTRAT Consulting also offers training for civilian authorities like immigration officers, law enforcement and those working in the health and public sector. An ex-group of Canadian Armed Forces officers and officials established NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated in 2010 to promote collaboration between private sector and the government agencies who are charged with the execution of elements that comprise the Northern Strategy.

The people shown here carried out an ambitious and complex Federal infrastructure plan in the year 1885 which linked Canada’s new nation from East to West. It is now the time to unify our nation from the south to north. The proposed Northern Strategy will represent the highest point of Canadian thinking and engineering. It is the reason that Norstrat Group of Companies was established to aid in this huge undertaking. Our first venture CITADEL NORSTRAT could serve as a foundation for both industries and military capable of protecting North America against the danger of Northern Aggression, protecting our beautiful country from the threat of those that could cause us harm.

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc., the newest project which will link the experience of our nation’s former law enforcement and military experts with private companies that could benefit from greater security.

History of Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was formed with the sole purpose of assisting customers with an established commercial objective as well as a legal duty to implement elements that are part of Canadian Northern Strategy

Lee Carson, a principal consultant for the Department of National Resources of Canada before being a consultant full time established NORSTRAT Consulting in 1988. He is now an extremely sought-after name within the information technology and telecom industries of North America.

His impressive achievements have earned many awards and awards, including being awarded the Order of the British Empire (OTOE) from Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the Canadian telecoms industry. This involves cooperating with Bell Canada as a telecom consultant and expert on technology and communications. Given this experience it’s not difficult to understand the reasons why NORSTRAT should consider working with a think tank in order to help develop a strategy particularly one that addresses communications as well as other crucial aspects that their clients’ business.

This led to He. Carson partnered with Pacific Research Institute, Inc. (PRI) located in Berkeley, California. Their aim was to work with companies who are at the forefront technology of technological advancements in Information Age, assisting them in the creation and development of cutting-edge technology in communications. They believed that their efforts will benefit their customers and result in better profits for these companies. Many Canadian companies were involved in the development of the most innovative and cutting-edge telecommunications technologies as part of the research base.

They were required to write an argument for business along with technical information regarding the benefits these systems offered their customers. A lot of them had worked for government agencies and were acquainted of the processes and procedures required to apply for federal aid. Others created their own business plans that allowed them to present more detailed information to their customers and adapt it to meet the requirements of different kinds of companies. The result was usually an improved system that could be used in the crowded Canadian northwest region in the era. The Canadian companies participated in a number of joint ventures in conjunction with PRI. One of these projects looked at the

ways in which their technologies could be integrated into the transport industry. Many of the vast communication networks that had developed in Canada are now in use all over the world in locations such as those of the United States, the United Kingdom as well as Australia. Norstrat created its research foundation due to the challenges that large companies faced when it came to completing their projects on time. They sought to illustrate how they can overcome these difficulties and excel in their field by leveraging the assistance by this thought-provoking think tank.

The final chapter of the Northwest Passage story explains the ways Norstrat and PRI could influence the way Canadian as well as foreign firms approached their telecommunications activities. In this advertisement report, you’ll learn about the actions they took to aid large companies with the development of new strategies for business. The story continues to describe the developments that transpired after Norstrat as well as other Canadian businesses joined. This is a great guide on how you can set up an effective think tank. It also illustrates that when small groups have a strong focus on studying specific areas of study and are able to accomplish great results.

They developed a brand new underwater search technique that was based on satellite images that showed the areas that were under the surface. Since the pressure in the water was too high the team was able to penetrate these areas without doing any damage. Satellite imagery revealed which regions offer the greatest potential for natural gas and oil resources. Norstrat developed a method using this information that enabled oil companies to discover additional potential resources for oil and gas under the surface of the ocean. When Norstrat along with other Canadian firms gathered in the late 1990s to form an offshore oil corporation They didn’t think they would be faced with many difficulties in getting the venture up and running. But, once they were on the ocean, they saw that the environment was different. There was no visibility off shore. The crew couldn’t even launch an underwater camera to the area without it falling into the sea floor.

This is an interesting period in the history of Norstrat. They enjoyed a very prosperous first year, however they received no government assistance. However, they did receive contracts from a variety of oil companies to test their product in the ocean. The tests were successful, and the current government granted them the right to keep testing in order to start producing the product. They will be able to make this product and begin production by the end of the current fiscal year , if they are able to secure government funding this year.

Founder of Norstrat

An assortment of ex- Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, officials and Northern business executives established The Norstrat Group of firms. The consulting arm of The Norstrat Group Of Companies is NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated. NORSTRAT is responsible for providing advice to government agencies responsible for implementation of the Northern Strategy into action. The principal client of NORSTRAT Consulting, The Canadian Armed Forces, is now in the process setting up a number of private sector manufacturing, research and development companies to develop equipment, weapons, and logistical assistance for them.

Objectives of Norstrat

Norstrat provides some of the services listed below:

Corporate Image

Promotional Support

The ability to connect with the security team within NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated

We provide Our Strategic Partners with Public Relations Exposure

Students from Canada’s top law enforcement and military institutions

Inclusion in the design of all Norstrat marketing products including brochures, business cards, and letterhead, among many other things.

Employees are permitted to wear official NORSTRAT tops and polos

The ability to connect with the security personnel for NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated

An identifiable identity within that of the Northern Strategy Community that you could make use of to promote your business or your group.

Norstrat Provides Partners Special Training:

Norstrat makes sure that its activities conform to NORSTRAT guidelines. Norstrat ensures that its operations adhere to

NORSTRAT guidelines. Norstrat Group of Companies is committed to providing extra services for our clients, in along with consulting and other services. It has developed some of the programs listed below as a part of its commitmentto clients:

Annual Security Meetings that allows members to collaborate and discuss best practices and build relationships among security specialists from various disciplines.

Members can receive individualized instruction from our experienced business as well as financial and physical security professionals whom we have selected based on their experiences in Edmonton Police Services, RCMP National Security Programs along with Canadian Special Forces Units.

A committed relationship with an NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated security specialist who will collaborate with our partners in resolving any security concerns they might encounter.

Exclusive discounts on NORSTRAT Consultancy Incorporated’s financial, business and physical security products that aren’t available on stores.

Competitors of Norstrat

According to numerous experts and researchers There isn’t any competitor to Norstrat. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about it.


An assortment of ex- Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, officials as well as Northern business executives established The NORSTRAT Group of enterprises. The consulting arm of The Norstrat Group Of Companies is NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated. NORSTRAT is responsible for providing advice to government bodies accountable in implementation of the Northern Strategy into action. It is the Norstrat Group of Companies is currently contracting with a number of private-sector military manufacturing, research and development firms to develop equipment, weapons, as well as logistical assistance for its main client which is The Canadian Armed Forces. NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. was established in 2010 by an ex-team of Canadian Armed Forces officers and officials with the intention of encouraging collaboration between private and government agencies tasked with implementation of the Northern Strategy into action.

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