Open-Source Call Center Software

Open-source call centre software is an essential tool that helps the call centres streamline, manage, and expedite their daily activities, thus improving the overall client experience. The software is loaded with several features to simplify the processes involved and minimize unnecessary manual labour. Call centre management can be very time consuming and complicated, but using this software would help the centres to concentrate more on their core activities, which would result in faster processing of transactions and responses. Using this software also reduces operational costs, as it is pretty easy to use. Below are some of the most common functions that this software handles.

Sales Training

Using the cloud-based bitrix 24 CRM, call agents are trained to maximize revenue generated from each channel. Each agent has been taught how to reach out to clients on different media, in different ways, and at other times of the day. This way, the agents can learn about various methods that yield the best results depending on the characteristics of each channel and the buying patterns of their clients. In addition, the software allows the managers to fine-tune these sales training sessions according to the specific goals.

Revenue Planning

The data entered during sales training has to be processed and analyzed quickly to provide a quick response. That is why the Citrix 24 Cloud CRM is so valuable. It also makes it easy for managers to handle each channel’s budget planning, sales forecasting, and inventory maintenance. In addition, because of its complete set of features, the bitrix 24 is considered one of the best free and open source call centre software solutions available. As a result, more corporations are switching to using this solution to ensure that they can maximize their business profitability.

Customer Relationship Management

Companies that purchase call centre software have two primary objectives. First, they want to improve customer service. Second, they want to improve productivity. Because of its integrated features, the bitrix 24 CRM enables managers to manage all customer information and interactions, both in-person and online. Some features include lead management, activation management, customer profile generation, call capture, call forwarding, and interactive Voice Response systems.

Direct Marketing Call Forwarding

Direct Marketing Call Forwarding: Companies can benefit from having direct access to their customers through direct marketing call forwarding. Through this feature, call centre managers can transfer calls from another company. The service works just like a fax machine. The only difference is that it does not require any paper or ink. With this feature, a company can have a representative in the United States of America, Canada, or any other country with a local telephony plan. Because the part uses voice over IP technology, it can be used with the bitrix 24 CRM.


In the past, companies had to buy software for their call centre management systems. However, the advent of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology revolutionized the way businesses handle customer transactions. IVR is an advanced technology that provides a virtual agent that interacts with a caller. Some of the benefits of this technology include improved sales, productivity, and profits.

Predictive Dialer

IVR enables call centres to identify who has chosen to take the call automatically. It prevents the entry of wrong numbers and keeps call centre management expenses down. Another advantage is that IVR reduces the number of calls directed to the voicemail box. For call centres that have an interactive voice response, a predictive dialer eliminates the need for an inbound call centre representative. In addition, a predictive dialer helps customers to opt-in to business email or newsletters.

Final Thought:

The essential advantage of this type of Open-Source Call Center Software is that it supports all three customer experience models. The software helps create lead capture forms and web pages, which are then used to create sales letters, scripts, and email promotions. The IVR also allows a call centre representative to interact with customers live through video teleconferencing. Since the IVR is available free of charge, the owner of the Open-Source Call Center Software is better positioned to acquire the needed skills for building an extensive network of customer service agents. As the year’s pass, open-source software will grow, and customer service will become more complicated.

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