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You can find out by reading the following article. This program helps you create and review patient charts. The process is simple. Simply login with your username and password and click “CNA chart.” After entering your credentials, you will have access to the resident’s chart. Then you can continue with your daily activities without interruptions. You can use the program at anytime and any place.

Features User-Defined Buttons & Reports

Point of Care CNA Charting is a program that enables you to log in and record multiple events in a single shift. Using this system, you can strike or add entries as necessary. The software also features user-defined buttons and reports that make it easy to record and share patient data with other clinics. The software is flexible and can be used from any computer with an Internet connection. You will be able to create and edit patient charts quickly and easily.

Aspect of Nursing Work

Point of Care Charting is an essential aspect of nursing work. It requires the caregiver to be fully compliant with federal regulations and must document all activities, care, and responses. Using a software program that provides accurate and thorough reporting can help you to get the job done. Many of these applications also offer support for Spanish, which is a great plus for a nursing career. The software allows you to write and input information in any language.

View Patient Records

Point of Care allows CNAs to log in and view patient records in real time. Its mobile application can be used to document activities of daily living. It can be used on wall-mounted kiosks and mobile devices. With this system, caregivers can automatically record the conditions of a resident, and it can be used in conjunction with an EHR. It helps ensure that care providers receive payment for the full amount they provide.

Mobile Devices or Wall-Mounted Kiosks

POC allows clinicians to capture vital signs of a patient. It also helps the patient stay connected to medical staff, and it can be used on mobile devices or wall-mounted kiosks. The POC software allows physicians and other hospital staff to log in and access the patient’s information. All this data will be stored in the EMR of the hospital. The system is easy to use and efficient to use.

Long-Term Care Facilities

With this system, caregivers can link different items to specific body parts. For instance, staff can record skin conditions on a human body graphic. Moreover, the software also helps them write CNA notes on a patient’s condition. It is a convenient tool for healthcare workers to manage data. It helps them stay organized and keep patients’ records accurate. It can be used for the management of long-term care facilities or home care.

Private & Public Hospitals

The Point of Care CNA charting program can be used for both private and public hospitals. This program is accessible through mobile apps and the hospital’s website. You can choose the specialty you want to see and select it from the list. You can also look at the available information for each of the physicians on your list. The POC system also includes a search bar for doctors and nurses. Using the application, the medical staff can access the patient’s records at any time.

Authorized Staff Members

Detailed records are essential for any healthcare professional. It’s an essential tool for CNAs to protect patients from malpractice. The system should include vital information about every resident. The data collected should be accurate, concise, and up-to-date. The data should be easy to access and edit. The information is accessible to authorized staff members. It’s also helpful for those who provide care at home. Creating a point of care chart can be a challenging task.

Final Words:

It’s beneficial to nurses, physician assistants, and patients alike. The system also improves the accuracy and integrity of data by reducing the need for handwritten notes and “remembering” details of a patient’s encounter. Lastly, it increases the timeliness of making findings available for all healthcare professionals, including the patients themselves. If you’re a nurse or CNA, this program can help you save time and money.

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