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Ambitious young people often neglect at-home packing jobs and start looking for jobs as copywriters or courses for developers. Do their arguments have any statements to support this choice? Is neglecting packing jobs from home a good option for you if you are looking for a job? We consider that this isn’t the right way. 

There are a lot of reliable and well-paying employers in the shipping industry. One of them has recently opened a vacancy for quality managers. In this short review of the employer, we will try to explain to you why this job is worth applying for. You will learn not only the opinions of our experts but will also get familiar with the experiences of people who used to work for Uss-Express LLC or still working in this agency. Let’s get down to business!

Why you should apply 

Okay, the first reason why many can neglect shipping jobs from home is that they think that such occupations won’t enrich them with new and useful experiences. Is this true? Of course, it’s not. We have a couple of reasons why the experience of working in the Uss-Express shipping agency as a quality manager will be valuable for you:

  • you will have a chance to cooperate with the world’s biggest delivery and retail businesses;
  • you will have the possibility to learn specific skills during special training sessions;
  • you will master the skills of effective packing of different goods;
  • you will master different digital solutions that will make your performance more productive;

In addition to these advantages, Uss-Express is an employer that knows how to reward its employees. Besides, you aren’t required to have background experience in shipping or management. So you lose nothing. Isn’t this a good reason to fill in the application form?

What will be the duties if you are hired?

When you apply for any position that requires you to work packing and shipping, you must be ready to face challenges. To avoid them or at least mitigate their impact on your performance, you should know what duties to pay special attention to when working. The key responsibilities of a quality manager at Uss-Express are the following:

  • repacking items;
  • choosing packing materials;
  • attaching labels;
  • shipping parcels.

Honest reviews of the reputation of Uss Express

  1. “I have experience in a company. I would like to note a relatively free work schedule, a decent salary (very decent amounts came out on some days), excellent communication with managers (almost always in touch, you don’t have to be nervous because no one answers in the chat). I can recommend a job, really good conditions. But of course you need to work, without it nowhere.” – Elena on Trustpilot.
  2. “I would like to leave my review about this company where I have worked for several years. As soon as I learned about this company and found it, I immediately wanted to get a job as a quality manager, as I’m interested in such an occupation and was looking for such a position. Firstly, I am very pleased with the coherence of the work of the employees, which is quite important, because sometimes it can be really difficult to keep everything under control. In addition, I could conveniently combine work and free time, which I especially like. In general, I am very satisfied with the work in this company, it was very pleasant and interesting for me to work there! Thanks!” – Lara Fiedler on AmbitionBox.
  3. “The organization is respectable; I used to work in the company that I was required to work from home to receive and check the goods purchased from online vendors. I appreciate the work in this business, since the money was usually paid on time” – Steven Barnett on AmbitionBox.
  4. “I was really surprised when I saw the vacancy requirements on the website of the company because I didn’t believe I could start working as a quality manager with zero experience. But I used that chance and now I’m completely satisfied with what I’ve got!” – current employee on Glassdoor.

Apply for an interview in less than a minute

What is your attitude to this work from home shipping packages job after reading the advantages of working and the testimonials of real employees? If you are eager to apply, do this right on the website of the employer. Just enter all the data required in the application ==================================================================

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