Renting Apartments in Kagoshima Japan

Kagoshima is a coastal city in Kyushu island of Japan and is the capital of Kagoshima prefecture. In addition to having many historical monuments, the city is also famous for the volcano and greenery. Many people are relocating to Kagoshima for personal or professional reasons like a better job or business opportunities. They would like to rent an apartment, especially if they are planning to stay in the city for a few months or years only. They would like to find out here which are available for rent, so that they can choose a suitable apartment. Some of the factors which should be considered for renting apartments are discussed.


Most of the apartments available for rent in Kagoshima are located in buildings. The rent charged will depend to some extent on the age of the building. Apartments which are located in newer buildings will have a higher monthly rental, since they have the latest amenities. In contrast those who wish to pay less rent should consider renting a home in a building constructed forty years ago or older. If the apartments are renovated the monthly rental will be higher. These apartments are also more likely to be available for rent since locals may not prefer to live there. The tenant should also check whether there is any parking available for vehicles and the charges for a parking slot charged.


Older tenants may be having their own vehicle so they may not use public transport. However students and younger professionals will use public transport so it is advisable to check the distance from the public transport facilities. Usually most buildings are located close to the bus stop, usually walking distance. There are several railway stations in Kagoshima like the Kagoshima station and Taniyama station. The distance from the railway station should also be considered for those who prefer to travel by train since it is faster, often cheaper. Apartment rentals are higher for homes close to the railway station.

Public facilities

Most people have to visit the bank or post office periodically for banking work, like withdrawing cash or checking their balance or sending letters. Hence they would like to find out if there is a post office or bank in the vicinity of the apartment, so they will waste less time traveling to visit the bank, post office. Families with senior citizens, young children or persons suffering from a chronic ailment will have to visit a hospital periodically so the medical facilities in the vicinity should also be considered. Having recreational facilities like theaters near the apartment will also be preferred.

Shopping and schools

All individuals and families have to shop for fresh food, vegetables, grocery items from the local stores, so the shopping facilities available should also be considered. If there is a shopping mall or supermarket in the vicinity of the building, it is convenient for the tenant since they can get the items required quickly.Similarly families with young children would prefer to rent an apartment close to a nursery, junior and secondary school, so that the children do not have to travel much.

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