Top 7 Best xResolver Alternatives of xResolver 2022

You have probably heard of xResolver. It’s a game-winning tool that gathers your opponent’s username, IP, and geolocation. It uses sophisticated algorithms to collect this sensitive information. However, this kind of privacy invasion may not be acceptable for some people. If you want to use xResolver safely, there are better alternatives.


xResolver is the default option for many Xbox and PS4 players. With its robust capabilities, it’s easy to monitor your opponents’ activities and find out information about their online activities. This program also features powerful blacklisting capabilities.

This program comes with a free and a paid version. The premium version requires you to sign up for a membership, which costs $7.99 a month. Despite its price, xresolver is a top choice for many gamers.

Nowadays, there are many ways to find a person’s IP address. For example, you can use a person’s Gamertag to look up his or her IP address. Both Xbox and PlayStation assign Gamertags to their players, which can help you find the IP address of a particular gamer.

Another free xResolver alternative is Xbox Booter, which lets you sniff IP addresses, pull IP addresses, and get IP addresses from games. This program supports layer 4 and 7 attacks, and its user interface is straightforward. In addition, the program comes with a wealth of options, from location to usernames.

xResolver is an excellent choice for gamers who are concerned about their privacy and safety online. Its Xbox Gamertag database contains millions of usernames and IP addresses. Users can also check the details of their accounts on popular gaming websites.

XResolver also provides a service to blacklist Gamertags, which removes their names from public IP addresses. In addition, the program offers ongoing assistance and useful training. The program also has a malware-proof feature, and is compatible with Windows. So, if you’re wondering whether this software is right for your needs, go ahead and try it.

xResolver uses a custom link generator to collect IP addresses and location-related data. The software also detects Incognito mode and enables users to protect their privacy. It’s a useful tool for PlayStation and Xbox gamers alike. It’s malware-proof and inexpensive, and is easy to install.

The Xbox gamertag solver is another popular alternative to xResolver. This software is an online database that stores gamertag and IP addresses for players. The database is constantly updated, and it is constantly expanding. It is a very useful tool for online gamers who want to protect their identity from online hackers.

Besides the PSN and Skype resolvers, it also offers geolocation lookup and IP ping capabilities. It is a popular tool, receiving over 2,000 visitors per day. The website also has a responsive customer care team that helps users resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

The best free alternative to xResolver is XboxResolver, which supports Xbox and PSN. Its powerful algorithms capture a gamer’s IP address, city, username, and geolocation. It also offers a discord discussion forum to help users resolve issues. Another excellent alternative is Psychocoding, which offers a free VPN service with DDoS protection, dynamic Xbox filters, and packet filters. The service also displays the opponent’s geolocation and IP address.


xResolver is a website that logs IP addresses and gamertags for users. This information is publicly available, and it can lead to some serious headaches for online gamers. The octosniff tool is advertised on xResolver’s official site, and it is actually very useful. It allows you to find out the IP address of a particular opponent, and can even help you identify their location.

xResolver is the first choice of gamers on PS4 and Xbox, but it can be incredibly problematic when it comes to privacy. The IP address of a person you’re chatting with online can easily be stolen, so having a xResolver alternative is essential.

Octosniff is a cloud-based xResolver for both Xbox and PlayStation. It helps you resolve games without the hassle of downloading and installing any software. It also has a user interface that is intuitive for novices and experienced gamers alike. It supports both Xbox and PlayStation games, and it includes various features that gamers need to make their gaming experience even better. Other features of this xResolver alternative include auto-resolution, saved games, live streaming, and chat support.

The best xResolver alternative is Octosniff, which is free and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. It’s compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC consoles, and it’s easy to use and doesn’t require an account or credit card. It has a user-friendly interface, and it’s 100% malware-free.

Octosniff is an easy-to-install program and includes plenty of helpful tutorials in its knowledge base. It comes with a number of useful features, including packet filters, geo-IP locator, IP to user, and DDoS protection lookup. While it’s a premium program, it’s also available with a free trial.

A few other popular xResolver alternatives include Bootyou and Geolocation. This IP location finder allows users to identify the origin of an IP address, geolocation, and latitude. In addition, it can also find the domain and PSN addresses of a website user. Additionally, it can optimize website performance and identify common website issues, including code errors.

Another xResolver alternative is Octosniff, which is a free program that allows you to hide your IP address. You can even use this program to play online games and hide your identity from the competition. There are a number of reasons to use this tool: It works with many games, and it can be useful for gamers who want to stay anonymous.

The website helps you identify packets automatically by linking the IP address to a user’s name. It works on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS4 consoles. It is also compatible with PCs running Windows and is malware-proof. It also offers helpful tutorials and ongoing support.

Octosniff is easy to use and offers a graphical user interface. The interface is easy to navigate and allows you to see incoming and outgoing packets. Its advanced filters enable smooth gameplay. It is currently the number one IP sniffer tool for gamers.

Octosniff is a free, Windows-compatible alternative to xResolver. It also filters packets and decrypts usernames. It also works with the PlayStation console, which is a very popular home console for gamers.

xResolvers are modern databases that collect publicly available data. By scraping IP addresses, xResolvers can find and identify gamers in a wide range of online gaming communities. It also records gamertags. The best xResolver alternatives keep up with the database of players.

Another xResolver alternative is Webresolver. It collects IP addresses from Skype and provides geolocation details. This software does not have many reviews yet, but it has a SSL-certified website and money-back guarantee. This tool is also an email and database resolver. It costs $8 per week and supports Bitcoin.

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