Travel guidelines from Emirates prior to the coming hectic travel season

Emirates is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, having resumed tourism in recent years. Over two lakh passengers will travel to Dubai through Emirates flights during the vacation period. Travelers should follow the latest travel guidelines to ensure their safety. Emirates Airlines expects many passengers at the Dubai international airport during the busy travel season. Airlines put more effort into improving the travel experience for passengers and avoiding delays.

A couple of hours before their flight departs, they should arrive at the airport. Now there are many websites to book flight tickets and plan your trip. Choose the best flight ticket booking site and get a discount on tickets. In this blog, you can read the Emirates travel guidelines. People who desire to travel to their country should follow these travel guidelines and stay healthy.  

  • Utilize Emirates App

You can download the Emirates app if you need to plan your trip conveniently. It enables you to have a travel plan and check the flight status without difficulty. In addition, people can use this app for various purposes like book or change their flight, pre-plan meals, online boarding pass, and book chauffeur drive service. They can also plan movies to stream through the inflight enjoyment.

  • COVID-19 travel requirements for all passengers 

People traveling to Dubai worldwide should satisfy the COVID-19 travel requirements. The passenger should give valid vaccination certificates. Everyone must vaccinate with the vaccine approved by the United Arab Emirates and the world health organization. Besides, the Covid-19 travel requirements can change for different countries.

Thus, it is advised for every passenger to check the COVID-19 test requirements required for travel to Emirates destinations. Also, Passengers must wear a face mask while entering the airport and traveling on flights. They must present the valid negative Covid-19 test certificate issued within one or two days from the time of sample collection. The recognized authority should issue the certificate.

  • Check-in online

Online check-in helps the passenger save time on the Emirates flight. Passengers who present less than one hour before the scheduled departure will not accept to travel on the flight. Physically, travelers should check in at the airport three hours before flight departure in any travel classes.

The check-in time will close ninety minutes before the scheduled flight departure for every traveler who has an e-ticket. If you choose the check-in online, you can visit the check-in counter at the Emirates airport and collect the boarding pass. Besides, verifying the destination nation’s travel document is essential. You can choose the preferred seat and meal and benefit from final upgrading options.

  • Login for Emirates’ WhatsApp service

Due to the changes of the Covid-19 pandemic, things can change often. You can log in for the WhatsApp Covid-19 travel support to obtain updated information for famous tourist destinations. The customer support team will update the latest information day-to-day to help the traveler.

  • Drop luggage early 

If you are flying to any destination, you can check in and drop off the luggage earlier. Emirates offers early check-in facilities to passengers. Dropping luggage early allows the traveler to leave their hands free at the time of flying and avoid the long queue. Arrive at the airport and proceed to the immigration straightforwardly. It is hassle-free to drop luggage at the bags drop desks at the airport.

  • E-Gates

Those who need to use e-gates at Emirates Terminal 3 can utilize the passport, UAE ID, or boarding pass whether they are residents or UAE citizens. The smart gate at Terminal 3 helps to increase immigration while returning to Dubai. Visa on arrival tourist uses the smart gate by using the biometric passport. You can check the symbol of the e-passport on the passport’s front cover.  

  • Home service 

DUBZ offers the home check-in service in Dubai and Sharjah. People who don’t have enough time to drop off bags early can use the home check-in service. The agent visits your place and completes the check-in process. They will collect your luggage and take them to the flight. Therefore, you can spend time with your partner and do small shopping. The home check-in service offers enough time to finish the security check without trouble. Those who book first class can get the home check-in service as complimentary. You might reach the airport five hours before the flight departure.

  • Emirates’ biometric path

For contactless travel, the passenger can use the biometric path at the airport. It enables the clear passenger’s immigration through their faces. The biometric path is available from check-in desks to the boarding gate with a small queue and minimum document checks. Besides, the vacationer should register for this service. The process will be complete with the fast snap at the check-in counter. With the help of facial recognition and biometrics, passengers can check in, clear the immigration process and board flights at a certain gate.  

  • Boarding pass 

If you check in online, you will not print the boarding pass. You will receive the boarding pass at the check-in desk. You need to present the health and travel document to the check-in counter. Thus, ensure that travelers have all essential documents ready before visiting the airport. The boarding gate opens ninety minutes before the flight departs and closes twenty minutes before it departs. Check-in and boarding gate closing times will follow strictly at the airport to confirm air travel starts on time. So, it would be best to visit the airport earlier to avoid trouble and finish the check-in process peacefully.

  • Utilize self-service kiosks

Passengers can use the self-check-in kiosks for a convenient experience. Many self-service kiosks are available at the airport. It is easy to operate the machine through the touchscreen and allows you to print boarding passes, view the itinerary and select seats. Also, one can drop off luggage, decreasing waiting time during peak season.

With these travel procedures from Emirates, you can make your trip trouble-free! In addition, everyone should verify the latest travel requirements for the desired destination. 

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