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Where Is Daniel Petry Now? Gabriel Kuhn Case Update 2023

Daniel Petry was one of the most notorious criminals in Gabriel Kuhn’s life. Petry was also a writer and journalist, and his work often touched on controversial issues. In short, he had a lot to say and wanted people to hear it. In this post, we will take a look at the latest news on Daniel Petry and the Gabriel Kuhn case. We will provide an update on the case and what has happened since the last post. We will also explore some theories about what may have happened to Petry since he went missing in October of 2018. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to investigate this case!

Where is Daniel Petry?

In October of 2017, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office released the results of their investigation into Gabriel Kuhn’s death. The DA found that Daniel Petry was not responsible for Gabriel Kuhn’s death and no criminal charges would be brought against him.

In April of 2018, Daniel Petry spoke with CBS New York about his experience with the Gabriel Kuhn case. He said that he was “devastated” when he learned about the boy’s death and that he wishes he could have done something to help him. He added that he is “deeply sorry” for his role in the tragedy.

Since 2018, Daniel Petry has been working as a youth development specialist for a non-profit organization in Manhattan.

Gabriel Kuhn Case Update 2023

In light of the 2023 Gabriel Kuhn update, Daniel Petry continues to evade authorities. According to sources close to the investigation, Daniel is currently living in a safe house in Berlin, Germany. His whereabouts are unknown, and authorities have yet to apprehend him.

In March of this year, Daniel was indicted on three counts of aggravated arson with a deadly weapon and one count of attempted aggravated arson. If convicted of all charges, he could face up to 45 years in prison.

Since his disappearance in 2016, many questions have arisen surrounding Daniel’s whereabouts and whether or not he is still involved in the Gabriel Kuhn case. Investigators are still hopeful that they will be able to track down Daniel and bring him to justice for his involvement in the arson attack that killed four people and left three others injured.

What happened to Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn, the student who went missing in October of 2014, has not been seen or heard from since. His family and friends are still struggling to find out what happened to him. In this article, we will update you on the latest on the case and where Daniel Petry is now.

On October 15, 2014, 23-year-old Gabriel Kuhn disappeared after leaving a party in University Park. At the time, he was last seen leaving his apartment with another man. Kuhn’s family and friends have been tirelessly searching for him ever since and have released numerous pleas for information leading to his whereabouts.

In February of this year, investigators announced that they had determined that Kuhn had likely left the state of Pennsylvania voluntarily. They did not release any more information about why they believe he left or what his current status is.

Despite the lack of progress in finding Gabriel Kuhn, his family continues to hold out hope that he will be found safe and sound. If you have any information about his whereabouts please reach out to your local law enforcement agency.

What are the latest updates in the Daniel Petry case?

On September 20, 2018, the Daniel Petry case entered a new phase when Kuhn was extradited from Germany and brought to the United States to face charges. Kuhn has been charged with obstruction of justice and making false statements to authorities. According to court documents, Kuhn allegedly lied about where he was on the night of the Gabriel Kuhn murder. Additionally, Kuhn is accused of destroying evidence pertaining to the case. As of now, it is unknown if Kuhn will be tried in connection with the Gabriel Kuhn murder or any other crimes.


It has been a year since Daniel Petry disappeared, and many are still searching for answers to what happened to the popular journalist. In light of the Gabriel Kuhn case update in 2023, it is important to keep in mind that anything can happen in a year – even the discovery of new evidence. However, based on what we know now, there does not seem to be any clear link between Daniel Petry’s disappearance and Gabriel Kuhn’s death. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

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