All you need to know about IVF and test tube fertility treatment

In cases when parents are desperate to have biological children but the female body is unable to conceive due to damaged or blocked fallopian tubes or very low sperm count in males or any other reason, then a few artificial medical procedures such as IUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) etc. are adopted.

IVF vs test tube is a wrong demarcation as per the related fertility treatments. Instead, of lagging any difference both can be used synonymously. The former one, i.e., IVF is the medical term used for fertility treatment commonly known as test-tube babies. The abbreviated version of the former is in-vitro fertilisation. In other words, it can be said that the baby born through IVF is called a test tube baby.

The name test tube baby gained popularity in the mode of fertilisation. In the procedure, the fusion of male sperm and egg is done externally and thus as the embryo develops in the test tube in place of fallopian tubes the procedure came to be known as a test-tube baby. But as per some misconceptions from the term test tube baby itself initially, people opinionated that the complete baby is grown in a test tube. This is completely incorrect. 

IVF or test tube baby both refers to the fertilisation of egg and sperm and then the embryo is planted back in the female body through the vagina and cervix.

The test tube baby also received nourishment from the mother’s body like a normal fetus and then is born just like a normal baby through normal or caesarean delivery mode on completion of the pregnancy term. 

Why is IVF gaining popularity?

The unhealthy lifestyle and late marriages are the main factors that contribute to the reason for the rising popularity of the respective procedure. Couples who are incapable of conceiving naturally can now enjoy parenthood with the medical miracle in the form of a test tube baby (IVF). 

The success rate of IVF is better as compared to other such procedures. Though a few complications in the context are miscarriage or unwanted/sudden abortions, more than one pregnancy, implantation of an egg outside the uterus, filling of the unwanted quantity of fluid in the chest cavity along with uterus and abdomen, sudden bleeding etc. 

Cost structure

Various factors are responsible for the variance in the cost of IVF procedures. It’s advisable to ensure the reliability and experience of a medical expert before opting for the same. The expert and specialist may require some examination and test reports before starting with the same. Choosing wisely is the key to valuing your money and life. 

Always ask questions about the clarification over exclusive and inclusive medication cost scenario. Choosing the hospital after researching and talking to past clients is even more effective and wise. The dependency of cost structures on the condition of the patient and the requirements may also be the reason for cost variations.

Safe or not: That’s the question

Some couples are often confused about whether the same is safe or not. Though IVF depends on the women’s stamina, age, physical issues, acute and chronic disease history etc. but then also most IVF babies today are healthy and happy. This is enough to judge the results of the procedure though the risk is everywhere. 


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