What makes Iceland once in a lifetime kind of destination?

A country where time seems to stand still, where you feel the power of your heartbeat a little more, and most importantly a country that makes you dive into external nature and you’re deeper within just alike-Iceland is what the word ‘beauty’ is made of. This country of fire and ice never ceases to put you under a spell, no matter the season. From proud volcanoes and fiery lava fields to majestic waterfalls and splendid glaciers, Iceland has something for every nerve and vein looking for nature and beauty. Iceland Tour Packages makes it a trip to remember, a trip to not miss, and an once-in-a-lifetime kind of destination.

Stunning Northern Lights

Just being able to witness the northern lights is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is through experiences like the Northern Lights that nature shows the world, how far ahead it is, how magical it is and how there is still beauty to be found during the darkest hour. A lot of countries offer the view of the Northern Lights but none like Iceland. As Iceland rests at latitude of 64 degrees north it makes it one of the ideal places to watch the Northern Lights. From September to March, the nights are longer in Iceland, making it the best time to view the Northern lights.

Iceland Glaciers

 Iceland is home to tons of glaciers and they are often considered the main attraction for tourists. About 11% of Iceland’s landmass is covered in glaciers. Given the rate at which global warming is increasing these beauties will soon vanish so experience them before it is too late. There are different types of glaciers that you can enjoy and you don’t need to be a professional climber to experience them. There are mountain glaciers, valley glaciers, piedmont glaciers, cirque glaciers and then there are ice streams too. You can always choose to trek and for those who can’t, there are other options such as hiking, snowmobiling, and jeep tours.  

Iceland’s Geothermal Baths

Iceland is filled with geothermal baths like the sky with clouds on a rainy day. It is practically a pastime sent to the country by Gods themselves. From Reykjavík to the peninsular tips of the Westfjords, you’ll find geothermal baths everywhere. Each one is beautiful and natural. The one which is currently gaining a lot of attraction is ‘The blue lagoon’ which is located in a black lava field near Grindavik.

Breathtaking waterfalls

 To visit Iceland and not watch its majestic, numerous, and each better than the other waterfalls is unheard of. Each waterfall is unique in terms of its range, shape, size, sound, and surrounding factors. Waterfalls have always had a special place in Iceland’s culture, art, folklore, and even today as part of their economic growth. Iceland without its waterfalls is unthinkable. Due to various glaciers and amazing geography, Iceland is full of unique, bizarre, and distinguished waterfalls and some of them are the best in the world. Haifoss waterfall, Dettifoss waterfall, Glymur waterfall, and Hrafnabjargafoss waterfall are a few of the best waterfalls to see. Each forms a different shape and comes in a different size than others. The power, the mystic, the beauty, and the sound will take you to a meditative state of mind you may never wish to return from. 

Whale watching

The practice of whale watching which has added to Iceland’s economic and cultural growth in the past is now on the verge of getting extinct, so before it becomes ancient history, get you this experience. Whale watching has become a prime sport in Iceland. Approximately 20 species of whales can be found in Iceland. There are various tours available for whale watching, sometimes if you may also spot a blue whale on one of the tours.

Midnight Sun

A popular time for tourists and photographers to visit Iceland is during the summers so they can enjoy the extra hours of daylight owing to the popular midnight sun in Iceland. The Earth’s axis is tilted towards the Sun, thereby giving those extra hours of daylight to tourists even later in the evening. It is an experience to soak in sunlight during an evening hour, a memory that you will cherish for the rest of your life, a story to tell to future generations. For those experiencing with the philosophical or a spiritual lens, it could be viewed as nature’s way of providing bonus light for the soul to bloom and to expect light when least expected. It is no less than a nature’s miracle and definitely, a must experience to consider when planning an Interesting Iceland (With Indian Chef) Tour Package.

Unique Icelandic horses

If you are interested in experiencing Iceland in its rawest, more natural way then brace yourself, turn back time and hop on to an Icelandic horse for a tour. The pace, the feeling of each high and low, and the raw earth beneath you is well captivating and to be able to enjoy nature so up close without the filter of car windows or lens is an experience to remember. Various tours are depending on your preferences. The advantage of taking a horse tour is that you can explore the unspoiled part of the country where cars may not necessarily reach. The Icelandic horses are unique as they possess two rare gaits besides the regular ones; these small, sturdy horses come in beautiful colors and are used by the localities for farm work and means of transportation.


Iceland offers to its visitors, that which is lost today-pure, raw, unfiltered beauty, powerful enough to change your perspective on life. The way the Northern lights make you realize the supremacy of the universe you may wonder how insignificant your biggest problems are, the way the Icelandic horses add to the beauty of the country with their color and strength you may see more clearly how nature is the best artist that ever was and will be, it fits just what the canvas needs and that everyone and everything belongs just where it is put, the waterfalls remind you of uniqueness and power which comes from something as simple as water, the tranquility that these majestic waterfalls come from the fact that they are beautiful and yet full of pride even when at the fall. For eyes that cannot just see but also read nature and its messages, Iceland is an once-in-a-lifetime country to visit as the experiences it often leaves its visitors with hold a special place in their hearts forever. It is a break from the life of steel and concrete, from greed and rush. Iceland is a meditative state of mind where all is in harmony.


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