EV Development: The Mercedes-Benz EQS and EQS 53 AMG Range – All You Must Know

Simply put, the Mercedes EQS is the S-Class of the future, today. It is an EV based on Mercedes’s Flagship S Class. But despite being based on it, the EQS has its own dynamic personality. That being said, it is an EV, so what is the Mercedes Benz EQS range then? 

Well, ranges of the EQS and EQS AMG have been released by the EPA. There has been a lot of talk about these two cars, and their respective mileages have been praised as great leaps into the future. So, how do they stack up then?

The following is all you need to know:

About the Mercedes EQS

Let’s talk a bit about the 2022 Mercedes EQS. As you may have heard, Merc is planning on having a catalogue of all-electric vehicles by the year 2030. As a result of this, they are showcasing all sorts of new models to fulfill their vision. 

All these cars are based on current Merc models, and the EQS is modelled loosely after the S Class. Its looks are completely futuristic and it is built like a space cruiser on the inside with high-tech features such as the large Hyperscreen and more. 

Like the Mercedes models of today, the EQS will also have an AMG version. This will be all about delivering a high performance, but with a lot more efficiency and yes, a lot less in terms of exhaust notes. 

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What is the Mercedes-Benz EQS range?

The EPA ratings have been released for the Benz EQS580, and they look pretty good. The EPA rated it good for 340 miles, a great number indeed. It is also quite a step up from the Mercedes models that we have today. 

But what’s even more astonishing is that when Car and Driver tested it, the EQS Benz was able to give out a range of 350 miles, which is more than the company has ever advertised. It is a rare case but it shows how special this car is. 

If we compare this car to its US-based rivals, the EQS does better. Take the regular Tesla Model S for example; it is rated at 320 miles, which is also quite impressive when you look at its performance figures. 

Note that this is a vehicle with 516 horsepowers and getting this sort of mileage from a gasoline-powered car or hybrid is a very arduous task. The EQS 2022 shows us that maybe the electric car has a bright future.p

Moving on.

How is the EQS AMG range in comparison?

At the same time, the EQS 53 AMG’s ratings have also been released. This vehicle is good for 277 miles and it too beat its rating, getting 290 miles when tested by C & D. The AMG EQS also became one of the few overachieving cars to do this. 

However, the AMG EQS does eventually lose to the ultra-high performance Tesla Model S Plaid which comes with almost 250 more horses, and a quicker 0-60 time. The Plaid is the mightiest of the Tesla cars and it can get you up to 396 according to the EPA.

The EQS 53 range may seem lower but you should remember that it is a high-performance car with 751 horsepower. Getting this sort of mileage in a highly powerful Mercedes for a fraction of the cost of a gasoline fill-up is pretty impressive. 

Reasons for the high EQS range

So, how are these cars able to pull off such high numbers then? Well, there is a multitude of factors involved. Firstly, Merc’s design of the powertrain is the main reason for the range despite the large battery packs. 

Secondly, the exteriors of these vehicles have been designed with aerodynamics in mind. Sure, the main aim of the design was to give them aesthetic looks. But at the same time, every single curve and port is to channel the air properly. 

Other than that, the tires of these cars are also responsible for the range. It matters a lot as to how much friction there is and how much energy the car loses to the ground. The weather conditions are also to be noted. 

A major reason for the Mercs beating their advertised ranges is probably because the Germans downplayed them. They must’ve declared a lesser range as a factor for tolerance and to get more media attention

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