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Hanging Artificial Vines and Plants Available for Delivery

Artificial Plants, Vines, and Flowers

Many years ago, people would turn their noses up at artificial vines and plants. Previously, the quality of these plants was lacking, and the difference between real and artificial was obvious. Now, the niche has improved so much that a growing number of homeowners and business owners are choosing artificial over real vines and plants. 

These days, the quality of artificial plants, vines, and flowers is so high that it’s hard to tell the difference between these options and their real counterparts. What’s more, the benefits of artificial plants and flowers include the following: 

  • No need to attentively water and feed them (this is ideal if you have a track record for killing even the simplest of plants!). 
  • Choose varieties that you otherwise wouldn’t even attempt to keep alive (you can also choose flowers out of season and plants you wouldn’t usually find in the country). 
  • Artificial plants, vines, and flowers always look amazing and add colour and character to your home. 

While some people put artificial flowers around their homes, others use artificial plants or vines. With hanging varieties, the beautiful greenery drapes down a wall either inside or outside. The hanging plant or vine can add a sense of nature to a room inside, or you can brighten up your outdoor space (or both!). 

The good news with this niche is that, so long as you find a reliable supplier, you’ll find lots of different artificial vines for delivery. That’s right – you choose the greenery that will make your visitors (and you!) smile, and the company will deliver to your door. You don’t even need to move from the sofa. 

What Vines are Popular in Australia? 

Australians love vines and climbing plants because they can make an outdoor area more private, add luscious greenery to a space, and cover boring walls and buildings. Among the most popular vines include the Clematis – as part of the buttercup family, these plants grow at any time and wherever you seem to put them.

Next, Australians also love the Hoya vine because they come in red, pink, and bright white. With a stud in the centre and a star shape, lots of Australians want to get the benefit of the Hoya plant but without all the care required (and this is where artificial vines and plants come in). Additionally, real Hoya plants drip sticky nectar, so they cause homeowners nightmares when placed inside. Again, this is something else you don’t need to worry about with a synthetic version. 

If you’re looking for something to drape over a porch outdoors, wisteria is a popular option. As well as offering beautiful colours in the warmer months, it has dense foliage that provides shade to those who don’t like sitting in the sun for too long. Whether you choose purple, white, or something in between, these vines look stunning (all year round with artificial wisteria!). 

Finally, how can we ignore the following popular vines and climbing plants? 

  • Honeysuckle 
  • Jasmine 
  • Bougainvillea 
  • Allamanda 
  • Mandevilla 
  • Passiflora 

With zero maintenance and the perfect appearance regardless of the month, artificial vines and plants are growing in popularity all over the country. Whether you want to add some greenery to your home or some colour, you’ll never feel guilty for killing these plants because they will look as good after one year as they do on the very first day. With the right provider, you’ll have artificial plants that match the style and decor of your home delivered to your door! 


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