How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Codes?

You can use the RCA Universal remote to program your gear if you have a home theater system. You will need to press the componen button and hold it for a few seconds. After you have done that, press the TV button. You should see the illuminated on/off button light up. After programming your gear, release the component button and hit the TV button again. Your RCA universal remote will now be ready for use.

Directions for Programming

To program your RCA remote, press the play button repeatedly. Keep hitting it every 5 seconds to get the correct code. After that, hit the reverse button several times until you find the valid code. You can then save the programming by pressing the stop button. Once you’ve found the correct code, you can program the device. The next step is to set up the functions of the RCA remote. It is essential to follow the directions for programming your device.

Code Search

First, make sure your RCA remote is fully functional. Check that it is powered on and has batteries. Then, point it at the television. It may have a button that says “Code Search” above or below. This button allows you to connect to specific devices. Once you’ve found the correct code, press the stop button and save the programming. If all goes well, you should be able to control all your devices with your RCA universal remote.

RCA Remote’s Manual or Online

Once you’ve selected the buttons you want to use to program, it’s time to enter the codes. You can find the regulations on the RCA remote’s manual or online. If you don’t have a codebook, you can purchase a copy of your RCA universal remote from the RCA store. This will allow you to save your programming. There are no complicated instructions to follow. The steps outlined below are designed to help you program your device.

RCA Television Set Codes

To program your RCA universal remote, you need to input your RCA television set codes. Then, you must turn the device off. You can also save the programming you’ve already made. Once you have entered the codes, you can press the play button again to play the corresponding button. Once you’ve pressed the play button, press the reverse button. Then, hit the stop, and the code will turn on.

Feature of RCA Universal Remote

If you’re unsure which codes to enter, you can also use the auto-code search. The auto-code search is an essential feature of your RCA universal remote. It helps program your RCA TV. By pressing the right button, you’ll be able to control your TV. By entering the codes, you can start setting the desired remote. Then, you can program other RCA devices.

Types of Speakers

Once you’ve selected a code, you can start programming the device. You can then start programming the RCA TV after entering the code of your compatible RCA universal remote. You can then use your RCA universal remote to control your other devices. This way, you can use your RC TV to control your home theater or computer. You can also pair an RC universal remote with different types of speakers.

To program the RCA universal remote, you need to aim it at the TV. After you’ve found a code, hold down the on/off button and press the play button. Wait for 5 seconds until the device is off. You can also use the RCA universal remote’s Code Search button to run through all RCA universal remote codes. Then, you can save the programming.


To program your RCA universal remote, you must repeatedly press the play and reverse buttons. You need to hit the space and change buttons continuously to enter the codes. Once you’ve entered the correct code, you can start programming your RC TV with a simple touch. If you’re using an RC TV, the RC universal remote will automatically program the TV. Once you’ve programmed the TV, you can now move on to the next device.

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