Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers a Hype?

There is presently a commotion among potential users regarding the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And, people have divided opinions in this regard. While one camp is optimistic about how it works, another believes it is only hype. This confusion has left many people unsure whether to invest in HBOT. 

What have you heard about HBOT hyperbaric oxygen chambers? Do you believe it is hype? Or do you have a different opinion? This post will reveal all the necessary information about HBOT. After reading, you can make a more informed decision regarding HBOT investment. 

The Controversies Are Clear

Anyone who fails to acknowledge the controversies plaguing the HBOT world is denying the obvious. Not everyone has come to terms with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. That is not typical with HBOT because that is how new technology and treatments get off the ground. The natural man prefers to do things the old way. However, most people find it challenging to adopt new things. 

Several reports have stated that HBOT has performed optimally in ensuring wellness and anti-aging. Yet, at the same time, some publications say otherwise. So, is that enough reason to consider HBOT as hype? Let us find out as we read the rest of the post. 

Defying Conventional Treatment Methods

Several medical professionals have explored HBOT to address various health challenges worldwide. The efficacy of hyperbaric chambers has been tested for various illnesses. However, medical experts are still struggling to draw the line between what it can handle and what it cannot. 

The good part is that HBOT is gradually gaining ground in the medical world. Those that doubted it are reconsidering their stance. The data from HBOT users show that it is not hype. It works! HBOT does not ensure wellness via conventional methods. We’ll consider how people get well inside the HBOT chamber in the next section. 

How HBOT Works?

The science and underlying principle of HBOT still baffles many people today. Users get well inside an HBOT unit by inhaling pure oxygen. HBOT chambers expose users to almost 100% oxygen. Plus, the high oxygen gas concentration helps it readily combine with the blood to produce more oxygen. 

The more blood oxygen you have, the more effective your blood circulation is. HBOT chambers are also referred to as high-pressure machines. When body tissues receive a high oxygen concentration, they become revived instantly. The oxygen is driven around the body because of the high pressure. HBOT chamber pressure is set at a maximum value of 2 or 3 ATM. This value is safe for the body and will not cause any harm to the user. 

Increases The User’s Immunity

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become a household name because of its ability to increase users’ defense system against infection. The white blood cells are responsible for fighting foreign bodies in our system. Therefore, one’s state of health is a function of their white blood cells. 

HBOT can make your white blood cells more robust and more active. Consequently, many buy HBOT machines not just because they intend to cure any sickness. Some do it because it helps them stay healthy. There will not be any need for treatment when you are always in good shape. That’s what hyperbaric oxygen therapy can do for you. It is more effective in preventing sickness. 

Getting a Genuine HBOT Unit 

Hyperbaric chambers are as many as you can guess. More investors are coming into the market because they see a future in it. Unfortunately, this has also made it possible for inferior HBOT chambers to access the market. 

Most users didn’t get the desired result when they used the HBOT chamber because they used the inferior ones. Substandard HBOT chambers are available in the market. That is why you must do your research before purchasing. Or buy from trusted sources. One of the many trusted names in HBOT machines is OxyHelp. 

OxyHelp has been in the business of HBOT chambers for many years. Oxyhelp sell and install hyperbaric chambers for home use. You can scan through their site to see the different designs they have. OxyHelp sells high-quality hyperbaric units that can impact your health positively. 

Regulations on How to Use HBOT Chambers

HBOT chambers are not to be used anyhow you wish. You don’t wake up and jump into the unit and stay for as long as you please. That is a common mistake that most people make. Instead, you must spend time inside an HBOT unit according to the instructions of a medical expert. 

Trustworthy manufacturers also indicate the maximum time anyone should spend inside the chamber. OxyHelp is designed for users to inhabit for about 2hours or so. While such information might not be necessary for healthy folks, it is needed for those with slight health challenges. 

The Technology is Getting Better

Technology is about making life simple for people. A huge percentage of the complaints people have about HBOT chambers can be linked to their pitfalls. They only see the negatives in the therapy. There is no need to focus on that because the technology will get better over time. It has been the same with every treatment method or fitness routine. 

You can expect hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be ten times better than what it is today five years from now. There are predictions that the market will expand by more than 6% in four years. Hospitals are starting to deploy it today. 


Considering all the points raised in this post, would you still consider HBOT as hype? Obviously not! People are slowly coming to terms with what is obtainable with HBOT. It is being considered a groundbreaking treatment method for now. HBOT is a great way to stay healthy and maintain fitness. It can be used as a viable alternative to regular fitness routines. Open the OxyHelp website to see things for yourself, and you will be amazed. 


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