Unmasking the Mystery Caller: 5 Reverse Phone Lookup Sites You Need to Know


Are you the one who has received calls from strangers for quite some time? Want to uncover the identity of your potential employee or roommate? OR want to ensure the level of trust while finalizing a business deal? It does not matter what your end goal is and what you want to achieve. You can do so with reverse phone lookup services.

But the only difficulty that most of us face is which tool to choose and which not. The main reason behind this is doubt about the level of accuracy, ease of use, and reliability of the tool. Some tools also prevent others from using them because you cannot afford them.

This review of the 5 best reverse phone lookup services will remove every single doubt from your mind. Find information regarding each reverse phone lookup service’s pros, cons, and overview. Sounds great? Let’s uncover the exciting facts!

  1. USPhoneSearch
  2. NumLooker
  3. USPhoneLookup
  4. TheNumberLookup
  5. Intelius


You can define USPhoneSearch as an online tool that allows you to conduct a reverse phone lookup. It is linked to multiple public and private organizations, agencies, and directories. You can uncover the identity of any person you want by checking the area code on their phone number here. The usage of the USPhoneSearch lies under the laws, which truly makes it legal.

The USPhoneSearch provides information on multiple aspects, including age, email, name, gender, contact information, and address.  Apart from this, there is no limit on the data you will get from USPhoneSearch. Find what pros and cons you can enjoy from USPhoneSearch.


  • The simplicity and ease you will get with the USPhoneSearch are remarkable. USPhoneSearch is highly intuitive. Just with the hell of a phone number only, you can get a detailed report on an unknown caller.
  • No one is going to know who uncovered their information. This is one of the best features of USPhoneSearch. Even the staff handling the USPhoneSearch system on the back end does not retrieve user information.
  • There is no cost you need to pay while using USPhoneSearch. It is completely free.


  • It provides no assistance service, and you cannot get help from USPhoneSearch.



NumLooker allows you to get all information regarding the phone number. You cannot question or doubt the accuracy of the results. The results you can access include criminal, social media, and personal records.


  • The speed of the Numlooker is remarkable. It will not be going to take a lot of time to perform the reverse phone lookup. You can conduct research instantly.
  • Numlooker acquires data from reliable and authentic sources. These sources ensure the accuracy and update of the data.
  • Even a non-special person can take the most out of Numlooker. It does not require technical skills to make use of Numlooker.


  • Does not accurately retrieve the result if the particular number has multiple owners. This way, you need to remember the name of at least one owner.



USPhoneLookup is an incredible reverse number lookup service. It features a direct connection to internet directories and public databases. USPhoneLookup does not require you to pay even a single penny.

You can identify unknown callers and get their names, criminal info, work records, and living locations. Besides this, you will also get social media details.


  • Those people who don’t have any knowledge or information about the Internet can use this service. The level of difficulty of this site is zero.
  • USPhoneLookup features a higher level of encryption so that no one will steal or tweak the information.
  • You can perform the lookup on any phone number in a snap. It will not consume hours and does not require tons of data to facilitate the search process.


  • The site’s speed gets slow when it experiences higher traffic.



Among various reverse number lookup services, there lies TheNumberLookup. The thing which adds to this tool’s reputability is its connection to public databases. It does not require any cost or fees from your side. The information you can get with TheNumberLookup is gender, email, the person’s living location, and age. You can also get information on criminal information on a specific person.


  • The up-to-date website algorithm enables TheNumberLookup to ensure your prevention from scams or fraud. You can enjoy a complete level of privacy with TheNumberLookup.
  • No upfront cost is associated with TheNumberLookup when you use it.
  • The broadness and wide databases cater to your comprehensive reports. You can find almost every detail you are looking for with TheNumberLookup.


  • You cannot decode the phone numbers that feature no listing.




Intelius refers to the background check service that allows you to uncover personal insights using a phone number. You can conduct research for criminal background assessment, personal data checkups, and general-purpose lookups. It utilizes a wide range of databases to acquire essential data. Consider the pros and cons of this service right below:


  • The database is very wide, and Intelius will not disappoint you by not receiving the data on a particular number or person.
  • You can get useful support for this tool for both Android as well as iOS.
  • Quick operation and speedy retrieval of the result compel you to use it.


  • The information in the reports is sometimes missing and does not cover every aspect.

How do I do a reverse phone lookup for free?

The only key to the reverse phone lookup for free. There are a plethora of services that exist. As mentioned in the above article, you can use anyone per your requirement.

The reverse phone lookup process is approximately the same for each service. The key steps you need to follow for the service are:

  1. Visit any reverse phone lookup service you want. After accessing the main service, you must put the phone number directly into the search area. Make sure to cross-check the number’s validity to ensure it is correct.
  2. Later, you need to enter the search box. This begins with getting and compiling the information on a specific phone number directly into the report.
  3. The third or last step is receiving the reports directly into your device through which you are curating the research. You may find this report in your default download location on your system or device.

Apart from these steps, the things you need to consider in your mind include:

  • You must possess a device that will help you in reverse phone lookup. It can be anything like a tablet, pc, laptop, etc.
  • A strong network connection will assist in quickly accessing the information.
  • The web address of the particular phone lookup service that you will use.

Conclusions(150 words)

Now you have clear and in-depth insights on the 5 best phone lookup sites. Regardless of your aim or purpose, that is why you are conducting the reverse number or phone lookup. These sites will serve you the best. No matter if you are considering speed, effectiveness, or efficiency. You will get what you want right through utilizing these websites.

So what are you waiting for? Remove your fear of getting caught in fraud or scam. Use anyone of the reverse phone lookup service today and enjoy complete peace of mind

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