Is It Really Safe To Use A Vehicle Shipping Service?

It isn’t often that you’ll run into vehicle transportation scams, but it’s been heard of in the past.  Even if a shippers website looks like they’re a multi-million-dollar corporation, you should perform your due diligence with the company.

Car shipping businesses believe that shipping your vehicle around the world or around the nation needs to be a stress-free experience. If it isn’t a scenario that feels stress-free, you may want to consider another vehicle shipping company. 

Consider Mike. In search of a new career, he had lately moved between Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California, and had, at least in his view, devised the perfect relocation plan. Mike decided against driving his Mercedes to his new residence and instead took a flight.

He went to a vehicle transportation website and asked for four quotes on car shipping to compare prices. Although very comparable in price, he picked the one that came in around $300 more affordable.

He called the company to inquire about the location of his vehicle as the driver hadn’t answered his call. The customer was told by the salesperson that the expense of shipping his car had gone up by $275. 

Buyers discover that lowball estimates really end up paying them a lot once all the hidden charges are uncovered.  Like Mike, you may fall victim to a bait-and-switch tactic when you are given a very cheap price and then, after your car has been picked up, the company wants more money, saying that the expense has increased. 

There are trustworthy methods to distinguish between fraudulent vehicle shipping companies and honest ones. Get a quote from Roadrunner vehicle shipping company and check their reviews. A reputable company has nothing to hide and will stand by their pricing. 

Prepare yourself and do your homework

Obtain details on the automobile transportation services.  Ask your potential vehicle mover for their full company name, prospective DBAs (Doing Business As), postal addresses, and phone numbers (local and toll-free). Ask for their DOT and MC license numbers, which are displayed on their official documents. 

When you possess each of this information, conduct more research online.  Try not to be put off if you notice a list of complaints next to the company name. Even a well-known company can occasionally get negative feedback. Compare the number of complaints to the overall number of clients served to ascertain whether the percentage is excessive.

The important thing to remember is the follow-up and customer service response is what sets a good company apart from the bad. If the online reviews reflect that the company tried to rectify the situation immediately, chances are they’re performing their jobs and not ripping off clients. 

Check with both the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motors Safety Carrier Agency (FMCSA) in the United States to see if there have been any complaints filed against the auto transport company you are considering. Click here to have a look at the FMSCA site and their parameters for carriers. 

Check out online evaluations of vehicle transportation

Nowadays, it’s common practice to check online reviews before making any sort of purchase. If you consider other people’s recommendations, it will be simpler for you to understand the caliber of the item or service that you will receive. As a reason, reading evaluations is a key component in locating a reliable vehicle transfer company.

Keep a close eye on the conditions and limitations of your car moving quote. The cost of cross-country shipping needs to contain all the details pertaining to moving your car. Your customer service agent ought to have been in a position to answer any of your questions regarding moving your car, including those regarding charges, agreements, and other details.

Ask if payment is required. Until the company has a driver assigned, it shouldn’t be. Companies who just care about getting your money will do all in their power to get it as fast as possible, and they could even require payment in advance before a representative is assigned. 

That is concerning. A reputable auto shipping company won’t ask for payment until an authorized motorist has agreed to transport your automobile. You are in charge of paying the balance when your automobile gets to its destination. This is known as cash on delivery ( and is standard in freight. 

Speak with the company that transports vehicles

Whatever bargain the vehicle shipping company offered you, you should trust your instincts. Call the number and talk to a representative. If the company doesn’t answer the phone or return your calls, mark it off the list and move on towards a more flexible company.

A reliable vehicle shipping business will return your call and address any questions you may have right away. If the level of service isn’t to your expectation, don’t move forward. There are great options in car shipping, and be sure to choose one that works for you. 


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