Newbie To Advanced Users Guide For Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Do you have more than 100 followers or do you have many friends on Facebook? Then why not use it more smartly, as Facebook is a platform where you can reach out to your old friends, have new friends, and contact your family. According to WP Dev Shed, it is used to make people communicate and connect but it has now more purpose, it can also be used to earn money.

We might think that because it is at first used to connect with people that we do not know then it is also risky to earn money on Facebook, you might get scammed, well that’s true but if you learn how to properly sell and follow the guidelines that Facebook has set then you probably will be fine.

Why Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is free to use and is convenient to use, you can sell everything both new and pre-loved items and the key to success is to have good communication with buyers. Mostly, this platform is used to connect with a smaller group which is your community or local but it can also go nationwide but you also need to know how you can ship the product to your customer, so it is better that as you learn you start within your community first.

How to Start Selling on the Marketplace?

To sell on Facebook, you will create a public listing that anyone can see, this will include people on Marketplace, Newsfeed, Facebook search, Facebook groups, and search engines. When listing a product you will see 30 categories to choose from, such as tools, toys, and games, furniture, baby & kids, vehicles, rentals, and more. Choose what applies to your product so that it will also be easier for buyers to see it when they search for it.

How Do You Sell Effectively?

To become a more effective seller on Facebook Market you need to attract more prospective buyers, there are a few tips you can follow, the first is to take your own photos of your product, avoid using photos that you don’t own, use your creativity and make effort. The second is to write a full honest description of your product, lying to your customer will only drag you and your business down.

The third is to provide original purchase documentation, with this, you will help your customers feel confident in purchasing products with you. Fourth, make sure that the price is right, don’t set it too high and not too low as well. Fifth, be responsive and professional, this is so important as you sell on Facebook they assume you to be active so do your best to respond quickly. The sixth is to mark your item sold when it is already sold so you won’t get another offer and avoid confusion.

 What Can You Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

You can sell almost everything on Facebook Marketplace but you also need to learn a few things that you can’t sell, like animals, weapons, ammunition or explosives, drugs, misleading deceptive, or offending products, and more. When Facebook finds your product to go against their guideline it will be blocked or you will no longer have access to the marketplace but if you want to have the access back you can also search for what you can do or if you think that it’s the facebook’s misunderstanding you can fill out a form then you will be guided to bring back your access.

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