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Which model of glasses is ideal for your face?

That trendy glasses are essential fashion accessories in everyday life, you already know! But how do you choose the type of eyeglasses or sunglasses that look best on you?

This is a very common question and we can say that to never make a mistake when choosing the perfect glasses, the secret is to choose a frame that suits your face shape. In other words, highlight what you like most about him.

This is not always an easy task and sometimes it ends up in a real marathon to try different models until you find the best one, but the more you know your own face and your style, the easier it gets.

Choosing the right model doesn’t just mean opting for the one that’s in fashion and everyone finds the most beautiful. It is also important to consider your comfort and whether the glasses fit you well.

To help you in this endeavor, we have prepared some very useful tips for you to understand which type of glasses best suits your face.

Here you will also find other information about prescription and sunglasses, as well as news about this universe for you to make the most of promotions and update your look.

How to choose the best type of glasses?

As we said, it is very important to consider your personal style when choosing your new prescription glasses. But not always the model we like the most will be comfortable or fit our face perfectly.

Therefore, the ideal is to combine personal style with glasses suitable for the shape of our face, our nose and even our eyebrows.

To know if a model will be good, you can take into account 3 main factors:

Eyebrow line

Ideally, the frame should follow the line of the eyebrows, not getting too low and, in the case of prescription glasses, not hiding them completely.

Nose fit

When we put on a pair of glasses, we can see that it rests on our nose, so it’s important that the bridge — the part that connects the two glasses lenses — is correctly fitted to it.

This will ensure comfort, as her weight will be evenly distributed across her face. Thus, the frame will be stable, without slipping or bending.

Frame size

It is also nice to take into account the size of the glasses in relation to the face. That is, avoid models that are too small or too big for you. You can take some inspiration from these popular eyeglass frames.

For this, we have divided the glasses into 3 sizes: S, M and L.

This categorization is done according to the horizontal width of the eye of the frame — which is the rim that is around our eyes, where the lenses are, according to the table below:
for prescription glasses:

size P – lenses smaller than 50mm

size M – lenses between 50 and 54 mm

size G – lenses larger than 54mm
for sunglasses

size P – Lenses smaller than 54 mm

size M – Lenses between 55 and 58 mm

size G – Lenses larger than 58 mm

So, those with a thinner face should choose S-size frames, while those with a wider face can choose L-size ones. The M size is good for those with a medium-width face.

It is important to know that the total size of the frame also varies according to the bridge of the glasses, so it can be nice to measure some glasses that you already have at home to make a better purchase.

These factors are just guides to help you when choosing your glasses, knowing your face well will make it easier to choose the ideal type of glasses for you.

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