Why You Should Buy a Cycling GPS

You have bought your dream bike and invested a good amount of money in accessories as well. Your bike could be the best in the market with the best accessories, but when it comes to using navigation tools, your choice would be the cell phone in your pocket. But, is it the best accessory for your bike?

The cycling GPS in Australia is popular because people know the benefits of using a GPS device over their cell phones. Cell phones are not bad at navigation and can be helpful while you are driving or just walking down the street to explore new places. But, there is a reason why professional cyclists and regular riders prefer cycling GPS over cell phones. Australians are fond of outdoor sports and activities. It’s not just surfing that’s popular in this country; there are games such as Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey, for which the stadium will be full of people in every game. 

Recently, when the government lessened the travel restrictions and lockdowns, people were trying out new hobbies. And cycling is one of the popular hobbies that Australians chose, as a physical activity/sport and exercise—to reduce all the excess weight they gained during the lockdown.

If you are a cyclist and are still wondering about which navigation tool is the best, read on to get an idea about the benefits of using a cycling GPS.

Sure, you can use a cell phone or small tablet to navigate the road, and it will be as good as bike GPS. But, there are several reasons why people buy cycling GPS in Australia. The bicycle GPS is not just a location finder; it also shows the bike’s speed and directions (NSEW). It is no surprise that people call this device a bike computer.

Benefits of bike GPS are:

More battery life

These navigation gadgets use very little energy for display and are easily rechargeable. You can replace the battery quickly, which are beneficial during long rides. The cell phone’s battery will die out with a few hours of navigation (GPS and internet use a lot of battery), where the bike GPS will run for more than a day. The black and white display of bike GPS will drain the least battery, and it will help the device run for days.

Excellent durability

Bike GPS beats cell phones and other devices in this category by a wide margin. The bikers do not just ride on the road; they go places like mud, high terrains, forests, etc., where the environment is chaotic sometimes. The navigation device is affected by the strong wind with dust, rain, small rocks, mud, etc. It is not a good idea to use a cellphone in these terrains, and even if it works during the whole ride, it may require professional cleanup later.

Utility and price

The other options you have other than bike GPS are cell phone, tablet, feature phones, etc., and these are very expensive compared to the bike GPS or bike computer.

Precision and accuracy

The counting of wheel rotation, keeping GPS satellite or unknowingly cutting corners will become a routine if the GPS device is not precise. Cell phones are good for navigation in the city but not good for the forest. It can give you an approximately correct position up to 9 metres, but there may be issues with a cellphone in the woods.


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