How Bitcoin is changing the face of Indonesian tourism

Bitcoin is often lauded for its potential to change how we interact with the global economy. However, its impact is also felt in more localized industries, such as tourism. With more and more businesses beginning to accept Bitcoin, we’ll likely see even more Indonesian tourists using it to pay for their holidays in the future. 

What’s more, Bitcoin is also having an impact on how Indonesian businesses are marketing themselves to tourists. 

For example, some businesses are now beginning to accept Bitcoin to appeal to a broader range of tourists. It is likely to change the face of Indonesian tourism as we know it and could lead to even more people from around the world discovering the beauty of Indonesia.

The Role of Bitcoin in boosting Indonesian Tourism

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency globally, is playing a significant role in boosting Indonesian tourism. The Indonesian government has been investing heavily in developing its tourism industry, and Bitcoin is helping to make it happen.

Bitcoin is used to finance hotel bookings, tour packages, and other travel-related expenses. 

Many people are interested in visiting countries where they can use Bitcoin to pay for their expenses. Indonesia is becoming a more attractive destination for tourists because of its willingness to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

The use of Bitcoin is also helping to create jobs in Indonesia. However, as more businesses start to accept Bitcoin, more people are needed to process and confirm transactions. 

The adoption of Bitcoin is also helping to reduce crime in Indonesia. When criminals know that they can’t use Bitcoin to pay for their crimes, they are less likely to commit them. Instead, they would have to convert their ill-gotten gains into another currency, which is much harder to do.

The Harmful Influence of Bitcoin on Indonesian Tourism

Indonesia is often seen as a Bitcoin-friendly country due to its many cryptocurrency exchanges and ATMs. However, the recent volatility in Bitcoin’s price has led to several issues for tourists in Indonesia.

First and foremost, the prices of goods and services in Indonesia are now being quoted in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Bitcoin.

Second, the ATMs set up to allow tourists to buy Bitcoin are primarily out of service quickly. It is because the prices of Bitcoin have fallen so low that it is no longer profitable for ATM operators to keep them running.

Lastly, the Indonesian government has started cracking down on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

How can Indonesian businesses better capitalize on the use of Bitcoin for tourism?

There are several ways that businesses in Indonesia can better capitalize on the use of Bitcoin for tourism. One way is to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. It will show that your business is open to new and innovative technologies, and it will also make it easier for tourists who are already using Bitcoin to pay for goods and services.

Another way to capitalize on Bitcoin tourism is to promote your business to the Bitcoin community. There are several online and offline channels that you can use to reach potential customers, and by promoting your business through these channels, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Finally, you can also consider using Bitcoin to pay for goods and services you offer to tourists. 


Indonesia is rich in culture and natural beauty, and its people are known for their hospitality. In recent years, the country has seen a boom in tourism, with visitors from all over the world coming to experience its unique offerings.

However, Indonesia is also a country with strict currency controls. It has made it difficult for tourists to obtain the local currency, Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), and has led to many visitors using US dollars or other major currencies.

This situation is changing, however, thanks to Bitcoin. Thanks to its decentralized nature, it can be used anywhere globally and is not subject to the same currency controls as traditional fiat currencies.

What’s more, the use of Bitcoin is growing in Indonesia, with more and more businesses starting to accept it. So as time goes on, it will become increasingly easy for tourists to use Bitcoin while travelling in the country.


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