How To Pack When You’re Moving

There comes a time in everybody’s life when moving is inevitable. No matter how tiring, stressful, and draining a process it is, you just have to go through it. People move for several reasons. Some upgrade from an apartment to a house in the suburbs, some move to another city for a better job opportunity, and some move in with their spouse. 

If you are faced with this dilemma and have to move, you better go in all prepared. Pack when you are about to unpack, packing everything appropriately will save you a lot of hassle searching for some packing tips, tricks, and hacks? Keep reading below.

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Plan Ahead

Say you have to move towards the end of the year, we suggest you start planning for it at least three months in advance. Make lists of everything you will need, write a to-do list of all the small packing-related tasks. You can also give yourself a timeline to get done with each room individually. 

This way, you will have no pressure and take your own sweet time to get things done peacefully. Suppose you are moving to Cardiff then you can also check all the Cardiff storage companies and inquire about their prices and unit sizes. 

Gather Your Supplies

Do you know what the essential prerequisite for packing is? The packing supplies. Believe it or not, sub-standard packing supplies can be disastrous for you, especially if you take your stuff in the long haul. 

Before packing, go to your local home depot store and buy all the necessary packing supplies. Buy good-quality packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wraps, shrink-wraps, and, most importantly, boxes. We advise you do not skimp on quality and buy the best quality packing supplies available.

One Step At a Time

Some people have a habit of procrastination and panic when the moving date inches close. In a frenzy, they make the mistake of over burdening themselves and end up getting nothing done, instead of taking out all the wardrobes and cupboards simultaneously taking one step at a time. 

Start packing one room at a time, even if it takes a couple of days. You can also categories your stuff and start packing one category at a time. 

Don’t Over-Pack

Before going ahead and beginning the madness, take a step back to see whether you are over-packing or not. Living in the same place, we tend to accumulate some stuff that is useless or rarely used. 

Experts suggest ditching all the stuff you do not intend to use in the new house. It will perhaps be useless taking winter coats, skiing equipment, or snow boots at a place where it never snows. You should also keep an eye on perishable items and not pack them as they will not be optimal once you reach and unpack. 

Label Everything!

Buy a nifty little label maker, and it will be your best purchase. When we label everything, we do not exaggerate. Make a list along the way, label boxes, and make an inventory for yourself as well. You can also note down the complete list of the contents and paste it on top of the box; this tip will be a life-saver when you unpack!

Labelling everything will not only save your time, but it will also spare you a lot of stress at the new place. 

Rent a Storage Unit

While some people like to take matters into their own hands, others want to outsource. If you are alone and have no family or friends to help with packing, we advise you to get a reading storage company on board.

If you are moving to Cardiff, there are a lot of reliable Cardiff storage companies that offer removal services as well. Get a quote from such companies, and you can skip all the stress and hassle altogether!

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