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You can compile an excellent essay with the right topics. Anyone can write an essay if they have what it takes. Selecting opinion essay topics can be challenging, but you can always seek help with that. Below are various opinion topics you can select from for your essay. The topics are simple, so you can start writing the essay easily.

What Are Opinion Essay Topics? Quick Overview for Starters

There are numerous topics you can get for an opinion essay. Your choice will depend on various factors. These essays allow writers to control what to include in an opinion paper. But then, the essay should always be backed by facts and data from research.

In such essays, you can either agree or disagree with an opinion. However, always submit backup data to support the opinion. So, writers can state what they think in opinion topics and why they have such thoughts.

How to Write Opinion Essay Topics With Ease

Some college students would like to know how to write opinion essays but can’t find the best academic writing assistant to help them out. Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready!

  • Plan – Planning is crucial when working on assignments. First, ensure you have sufficient time and resources to help you achieve your target. Then, you can have your topics ready. Also, you can get your tutor’s opinion on the topics before proceeding.
  • Work with what you like – What essay topics seem more interesting, and do you love the most? If you can determine this, you are one step ahead to developing worthy topics for any opinion essay. Fascinating topics allow one to write a worthwhile essay. Also, you can always support any opinion you indicate.
  • Brainstorm – Brainstorming allows individuals to evaluate multiple essay topics that might be interesting. You can brainstorm as a team in class or do it by yourself. Every team member gives an opinion on the topics, and you can pick what is relevant.
  • Draft as many opinion essay topics and ideas as possible – Draft multiple topics, then narrow down to one that seems fit for you. This trick is good because it allows you room to decide which subject matters a lot.
  • Research – Researching enables individuals to pick suitable topics, gather backup for their opinion, and quickly write the essay. You can research before selecting opinion topics to understand what others think and how to draft compelling topics for your essay. Then, review sample copies from professional writers to pick topics to guide you. You can also buy an essay if you see value in their work. The above tips should guide you before and when writing your essay.

how to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic for Your Homework

Before writing an opinion essay topic, you must be certain that you understand it and can secure valuable data to back up your essay. Opinion essays can reflect on any matter because it relies on personal opinion. In addition, you’ll sometimes get topics from your tutor that you will work on. As such, it is necessary to research data related to your topics.

Selecting the best opinion essay topics becomes easier if you pick one yourself. Many college students have great topics they can use for an essay if they have the chance to do so. But then, there are various factors you should consider before selecting topics.

Always consider opinion topics related to your career discipline before writing your essay. Then, you can pick opinion topics that other researchers are still discussing and give an opinion on that.

 A List of Opinion Essay Topics to Start You Off

 What are some of the best topics students can utilize in an opinion essay?

  1. Are public schools better than private?
  2. Exercise helps boost mental growth.
  3. Are assignments necessary?
  4. Should students be given time to rest?
  5. Impact of academic trips on student’s performance.
  6. Relevance of student-tutor relationship toward academic performance.
  7. Does social media reduce stress?
  8. Should students plan for their time?
  9. Should extracurricular activities be made compulsory?
  10. Should parents review their child’s classwork?
  11. Is entrepreneurial education necessary in schools?
  12. Is religious education necessary in schools?
  13. Should government control religious practices in schools?
  14. Does culture impact education?
  15. Is boarding school better than a day school?
  16. Why is school security necessary?
  17. Is it necessary to grade students?
  18. Does technology impact education?
  19. Are there ways to prevent bullying in schools for good?
  20. Does social media promote drug and substance use?
  21. Is online education better than the old educational system?
  22. What is the right age to start school?
  23. Does awarding top students improve performance?
  24. Is diet a factor to consider when selecting a school?
  25. Is education costly?
  26. Is punishment relevant for indiscipline students?
  27. Does social media reduce productivity?
  28. Are scholarships awarded to students regardless of social class?
  29. Should students be subjected to remedial studies?
  30. Do evaluation tests determine the capability of individuals?

15 Worthy Opinion Essay Topics for High Scholars

Selecting opinion essay topics for high school should be easy because of the many available ideas. First, however, starting with something you can relate to is necessary. For instance, individuals can come up with opinion topics concerning education.

Below is a list of 15 simple but worthy opinion essay topics you can begin with.

  1. How soon should career choice and development be introduced in schools?
  2. Should mentorship be mandatory in high school?
  3. Can one avoid peer pressure while in high school?
  4. Should high school students be allowed to carry phones to class?
  5. Is drug & substance abuse a major contributor to academic failure?
  6. Should school captains be mandated to punish fellow students?
  7. Is it necessary to have assessment tests at the end of each term?
  8. Should high school students study financial management as a compulsory subject?
  9. Are students supposed to carry pocket money to school?
  10. Can schools embrace and prioritize online learning instead of the normal forms of learning?
  11. Do extracurricular activities improve personal relationships?
  12. Should students get involved in part-time jobs?
  13. Does social media influence students’ performance?
  14. Should work study be mandatory in high schools and colleges?
  15. Are grants and scholarships beneficial to high scholars?

With proper research, essay writers can compile the best essays from the above simple opinion essay topics.

Some Great Examples of Opinion Essay Questions

A great opinion essay should adhere to the recommended writing guidelines. The correct structure for this essay is similar to any other essay. You’ll have the introduction, body, and conclusion sections in this case.

The introduction section of an excellent essay will introduce the topics you are working on and your opinion to the reader. Therefore, the introduction should be precise. Pick simple opinion essay topics that you can handle. Always work on any good opinion essay topic related to your career discipline, as this will allow you to gather enough resources to support your essay.

The body section should carry ideas to back up your topics. Always check the due dates for your opinion papers to organize how to complete them on time.

You can introduce as many thoughts as you wish as long as they relate to your topics. But then, you will separate every opinion into specific paragraphs. The size of your essay will vary depending on the topics you have and the number of paragraphs.

 The conclusion section gives a summary of your essay. Here, you will give one final opinion related to your topics. Remember, this should support the aim of your essay. Therefore, make it short or straightforward. Then, summarize one opinion from the body section. This section should also allow the reader to give an opinion of what they think on the topics.

Check These Opinion Essay Ideas or Topics to Consider

You can pick many history opinion essay topics for your papers. Moreover, you must know what should guide you on what to write. Consider these few examples for opinion paper topics:

History Research Politics Technology Current Affairs Scholarships and Grants

These six concepts can be relevant also when selecting public opinion essay topics. Ensure you research first to determine the best opinion topics you can manage easily. Services like handmadewriting have quality sample opinion papers and topics for students to review. You can also find professional writers to give you a top-grade essay regardless you give them your opinion.

Final Thoughts!

When finalizing your essay, verify if the topics are correct, then check if every opinion in the essay supports your thoughts. Submitting an irrelevant opinion in an essay will deny you good grades. Therefore, you need to review your essay constantly. But, remember, it is incumbent upon you to present an excellent essay every time. It will allow you to improve your performance, and you will always be proud that you can write good opinion essay topics for your essays. Also, don’t hesitate to use any of the topics provided above for a try. We will be pleased to get your opinion about them.


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