Tips and Examples for Starting a Biography Essay

Think: what is a biography essay? It is a work describing the life story of a particular person. Before writing any essays in biography, consider a few useful tips.

Choosing a subject

To begin your biography essay, it is crucial to place emphasis on the individual you have chosen to write about and the area in which they have made a significant impact. Therefore, when selecting your subject, choose someone you personally admire and appreciate. Consider individuals from various professions and backgrounds to ensure objectivity in your essays in biography. You may select a politician, musician, businessman, or activist, among others. However, be sure to choose someone you genuinely admire, as it is easier to write a biography essay about someone you like than someone you do not.

Outlining key points

After selecting the individual and topic you will focus on in your biography essay, it is essential to outline key moments from their life that relate to the topic at hand. Emphasize notable achievements, pivotal moments, and events that have shaped their character and overall life trajectory. This will enable you to discern the individual’s behavioral patterns and how they have evolved over time. If possible, seek input directly from the subject to make a fascinating biography essay. If not, consult various sources that offer diverse perspectives on the individual from a range of vantage points.

Telling a story

When writing your biography essay, aim for a style that is easy to read and grabs the reader’s attention from the beginning. A biography essay should read like a captivating short story. Start with an engaging introduction that draws in your audience and entices them to learn more about the individual you have chosen to write about. Incorporate various techniques, including humor, to grab your readers’ attention and make a lasting impact. The use of examples, woven seamlessly into the beginning of a biography essay, can be particularly effective in hooking your audience.

Emotions play a vital role in biography essays. You need to use them so that your essays in biography readers, no matter who they are to you in a social role, can fully immerse themselves in the emotions that you describe. Focus all your attention on what exactly the person with the emotional background you describe felt and how these emotions can be used for you in the text. This will help establish a fairly close relationship between the reader, you, and the character being described.

Sharing a quote

Most essays in biography writers use this technique extensively enough to show the mental intelligence of a particular person who is involved as a main or secondary character in their text. You can quite explicitly use quotes from words that were said by this person. Don’t go overboard with this in a biography essay, because otherwise it might end up being a bit overwhelming. Select quotes that are pertinent and powerful, using them judiciously to support your argument or begin your biography essay with impact.

Discussing accomplishments

A common tactic when writing biography essays is to highlight the individual’s impressive accomplishments at the outset, providing readers with a comprehensive overview. This can be an effective way to emphasize the subject’s unique contributions to society and the lasting legacy they have left for future generations. However, it is important to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming your audience with an exhaustive list of achievements in a biography essay. Select the most noteworthy accomplishments and frame them in a compelling way that captures your readers’ interest.

If you face any difficulties in the writing process, there are professional services such as Write My Essay Today available that can provide feedback and editing assistance. Do not hesitate to seek help if you need it. In summary, crafting a biography essay requires creativity, research, and attention to detail. However, the result can be a compelling and informative story that inspires and informs your readers. These tips would also work for writing a self biography essay, but with some adjustments.

Biography Essay Introduction Examples

If you are struggling to come up with ideas, we are happy to offer our own examples of how to begin your biography essay, whether it be about a famous individual or someone living in your community. The list of how to start a biography essay example have been crafted solely for the purpose of illustration and are available for your reference. If you’re still having trouble after these examples, then you can look at companies like Paper Writing Service that will help you with that in no time.

  • You can start writing a biography essay with “Born in a small village in rural India, Mahatma Gandhi would go on to become one of the most influential figures in modern history. His non-violent approach to resistance and his unwavering commitment to justice and equality continue to inspire people around the world today.” — a good emotional connection in this example of biography essay.
  • “Few people have had a life as fascinating as Frida Kahlo. From a young age, she faced numerous challenges, including a debilitating injury and a tumultuous relationship with the famous painter Diego Rivera. Even obstacles could not elevate her art to every observing heart, but only increased their influence on every person.” — a strong start for biography essays.
  • “We all know about the famous fighter on the technological front who brought into our lives all those entertainment and communication technologies that are commonplace. Steve Jobs was truly a revolutionary who dramatically improved our lives and brightened them with brighter colors. If you think that you understand this person, then you are most likely mistaken, because contradictions and complexity hang over him like a huge shadow.” — another inspiring example of writing a biography essay.
  • “What do justice and equality mean for our world? It would seem that now everyone has forgotten about it and thinks only about profit and how you can stand on the head of another person for your own good. At such moments, a great person like Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears in the world, who fights for the pillars of freedom and happiness in our place, filling our hearts with hope and strength.” — remember that writing a biography essay should touch the reader’s emotions.
  • “Fighting, imprisonment, and becoming the leader of an entire country. If you are familiar with the history of modernity, then you definitely recognized Nelson Mandela in these words, who is a key figure not only in South Africa, but also an icon of imitation for the whole world.” — another good start for biography essays.
  • “The world knows her as the Queen of Pop, but Madonna’s life story is more than just music. Her journey from a small town in Michigan to the top of the music charts is a testament to her relentless pursuit of her dreams.”
  • “Albert Einstein’s name is synonymous with genius. His contributions to physics and his groundbreaking theory of relativity have made him one of the most influential scientists of all time.” — this example of biography essay immediately contains a scholarly reference to the person, which may be of interest to the person.

Our examples are carefully crafted and serve as valuable guides to help you structure your own biography essay. They showcase individuals from various walks of life and highlight the achievements of notable celebrities and other accomplished individuals, as demonstrated in the introductions. In addition, our biography essay examples include quotes from the individuals themselves, providing insight into their thoughts and perspectives.

  • “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” — Oscar Wilde
  • “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.” — A. Whitney Brown
  • “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.” — Lily Tomlin

This stack of examples shows you that humor and quotations can go together. It is also a good starting point for your biography essay.

The biography essay outline should be supplemented with various options for the introduction, and it should not be too difficult to comprehend. You can also start a self biography essay using the same tips we gave you. Only you can use your friends or relatives as sources for quotes about you.


Before beginning a biography essay, it is important to connect with your readers emotionally. If you have a personal affinity for the subject, it is crucial to convey that sentiment to your audience through your words. The introduction of a biography essay is perhaps the most critical component, as it sets the tone for the reader or listener. Focusing on emotions can involve incorporating humor or recounting poignant events from the individual’s life. Your biography essay readers should be able to experience what the subject felt. While it is essential to provide details later on, starting with dry facts may not captivate most readers. In the event that you encounter difficulties in writing a biography essay, professional firms can offer expert advice and writemyessaytoday review services, and even complete the work on your behalf, if needed for educational purposes. Here we have answered the question of what is a biography essay and how to start it.


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