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Quality Manager at Uss Express – work from home

If you don’t have any qualifications in delivery and logistics but you are determined to work at one of the home packing jobs, Uss-Express might become your future employer. This is a well-known American-based shipping and fulfillment agency that is looking for people ready to deal with the duties of a quality control manager. This vacancy is remote, meaning you won’t need to search for the company’s warehouse or office in your city. With this packing job, you will gain a lot of valuable experience in logistics. To start your adventure in this company, all you need to do is to apply for the vacancy on the website!

What are the benefits of being a quality manager?

Different shipping jobs from home have their peculiarities. In some cases, people complain about intense workflow, while in others they aren’t satisfied with the set of responsibilities. Compared to other packing jobs from home, quality manager positions have some benefits:

  • a salary exceeds the industry average – $3,200 per month for full-timers; 
  • you can adjust your working hours and work as a part-timer;
  • work from home packing and shipping job goods from the best retail suppliers;
  • bi-weekly payments;
  • your home is your office and warehouse;
  • you can be hired without any experience in this industry.

While considering the obvious benefits, we also couldn’t omit the drawbacks mentioned by some employees in their testimonials:

  • you have to use your house as a warehouse for storing goods, which is not convenient for your personal life;
  • you have to deal with an intense flow of parcels.

What does a quality manager do?

Packing from home jobs isn’t as easy as it might seem at the first sight. The conditions, in which the parcel will get to the client, much depend on how well a quality manager does one’s job.

If you are intended to apply for this vacancy, you must make sure that you will be ready to face this responsibility. During your trial period, you will have a better chance to master the skills that will help you to cope with the following duties:

  • check the quality of goods and their correspondence to the clients’ requirements;
  • track deliveries;
  • choose appropriate packing materials for parcels;
  • process orders;
  • make reports.

Uss Express – reputation as an employer on well-known sites

Many agencies pretend to offer the best packing job home but not all of them can guarantee that all the conditions will be met. Uss-Express satisfies the requirements of its clients. But we are interested in whether the company meets the expectations of employees. To understand this, we looked through the employees’ testimonials on such review platforms as Glassdoor, Indeed, BBB, Trustpilot, or Ambitionbox. Here are the most common examples of the workers’ impressions:

  1. “I was a complete beginner in this field, so working for Uss-Express LLC was a nice experience for me, but I couldn’t cope with all the assignments I was ordered to do as a quality manager. I like the attitude of bosses, but still, it was too intense for me.” – a quality manager from the US on Indeed.
  2. “My job interviewer was very friendly) Now I’ve been working with them for 6 months and there’s nothing I can complain about.” – David Mitchell on Trustpilot.

Wish to learn how it feels like to be employed by Uss-Express? Don’t waste your time and apply for the vacancy right now!

How do I get a job at Uss Express fast?

To start your career at Uss-Express and work from home shipping packages, you have to complete four basic steps:

  1. Make sure you meet the entry requirements. You don’t need to have a diploma or qualifications, the employer will teach you everything. But you need to have a physical address, where you will be able to process the order, and necessary equipment, and be at least 18 years old.
  2. Leave your personal and contact info on the website of the employer by clicking the “Apply for a job” button.
  3. Take a 10-minute job interview with the HR manager.
  4. Complete the trial period.

That’s it! When you are employed, you can work at your favorite job. If you work hard, you can count on a promotion. We wish you all the best!

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